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Prayers, Declarations, & Strategies for Shifting Atmospheres
Prayers, Declarations & Strategies for Shifting Atmospheres by Dawna DeSilva

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Author: Dawna DeSilva
Subtitle: 90 Days to Victorious Spiritual Warfare
Format: Hardcover
Length: 228 Pages
Published: 2018

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Every day, whether we realize it or not, we enter a spiritual battlefield. There are forces around us that need to be discerned and transformed. These forces create atmospheres. Too many people either tolerate these negative atmospheres or run away from them in fear.

Based on Dawna DeSilva’s powerful teaching on shifting spiritual atmospheres, these 90 daily readings will equip you, day by day, for transforming the different environments you enter.

  • See into the unseen. Get more in tune with the invisible realm around you.
  • Get on the offensive. Discern the devil’s tactics and live a step ahead of his strategies.
  • Claim your victory. Use the weapons of warfare that give you an upper hand in spiritual conflict.
  • Release the Holy Spirit. Learn how to release God’s Presence to change any atmosphere you experience by using your Kingdom authority.

You don’t have to deal with demonic or tormenting atmospheres. You were meant to carry the power that defeats darkness. Learn how to exercise your spiritual authority on a daily basis and shift spiritual atmospheres through the Presence of God!

Table of Contents:
Day 1: Born into War
Day 2: Spiritual Understanding
Day 3: Beacons of Light
Day 4: Incomparable God
Day 5: Saved, Healed, Delivered
Day 6: Protecting the Mind
Day 7: Nourishing the Spirit
Day 8: The Word of God
Day 9: God’s Word and Spirit
Day 10: Jesus, Our Spiritual Warrior
Day 11: Favor with God and Man
Day 12: Connection with the Holy Spirit
Day 13: The Holy Spirit and Discernment
Day 14: God’s Timing
Day 15: Twin Errors
Day 16: Heaven’s Perspective
Day 17: Open Doors
Day 18: Lies
Day 19: Lofty Opinions
Day 20: Worship
Day 21: Tomorrow’s Blessing
Day 22: Prayer and Fasting
Day 23: Tongues of Fire: Part 1
Day 24: Tongues of Fire: Part 2
Day 25: Sword of the Spirit
Day 26: Joy
Day 27: Peaceful Easy Feeling
Day 28: Hope
Day 29: Spiritual Authority
Day 30: Increasing Spiritual Authority
Day 31: Demonic Authority
Day 32: Unbelief
Day 33: Sacrifice
Day 34: Releasing Angels through Prayer
Day 35: Spiritual Atmospheres
Day 36: The Hollywood Connection: Part 1
Day 37: The Hollywood Connection: Part 2
Day 38: Heaven’s Atmospheres
Day 39: Ecosystems
Day 40: Atmospheres and Movies
Day 41: Rejecting Atmospheres
Day 42: Our Normal
Day 43: Renewal
Day 44: Uprooting Lies
Day 45: Discernment: Part 1
Day 46: Discernment: Part 2
Day 47: Discernment: Part 3
Day 48: Discernment: Part 4
Day 49: Discernment: Part 5
Day 50: Accountability
Day 51: Discerning Spirits
Day 52: Breaking Through
Day 53: Atmospheres and Buildings: Part 1
Day 54: Atmospheres and Buildings: Part 2
Day 55: Seeing the Spiritual Realm
Day 56: Sensing Atmospheres through Smell
Day 57: Sensing Atmospheres through Physical Sensations
Day 58: Exposing Darkness: Part 1
Day 59: Exposing Darkness: Part 2
Day 60: Renouncing Ties
Day 61: Partnerships
Day 62: Displacement
Day 63: Prophetic Acts of Displacement
Day 64: Atmospheres and Healing
Day 65: How Not to Shift Atmospheres: Part 1
Day 66: How Not to Shift Atmospheres: Part 2
Day 67: Dominion in Christ
Day 68: Shifting Atmospheres over Our Hearts: Part 1
Day 69: Shifting Atmospheres over Our Hearts: Part 2
Day 70: Atmospheres and Our Homes: Part 1
Day 71: Atmospheres and Our Homes: Part 2
Day 72: Strengthening the Family: Part 1
Day 73: Strengthening the Family: Part 2
Day 74: Strengthening the Family: Part 3
Day 75: Strengthening the Family: Part 4
Day 76: Principalities and Powers
Day 77: World Rulers
Day 78: Displacing Principalities, Powers, and World Rulers
Day 79: Intercession
Day 80: The Lord’s Battle
Day 81: Good Works
Day 82: Assignments: Part 1
Day 83: Assignments: Part 2
Day 84: Resisting Assignments: Part 1
Day 85: Resisting Assignments: Part 2
Day 86: Resisting Assignments: Part 3
Day 87: Resisting Assignments: Part 4
Day 88: Standing Firm: Part 1
Day 89: Standing Firm: Part 2
Day 90: Abiding in Jesus

About the Author:
Dawna DeSilva and her husband Stephen have ministered out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, for over twenty years preaching, speaking internationally, and authoring books. Whether training Sozo, preaching, shifting atmospheres, or ministering prophetically, Dawna releases people, churches, and cities into new vision and freedom. No matter how traumatic the wounding, Dawna ministers with authority and gentleness, imparting hope and healing.