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Enemy Called Worry
Enemy Called Worry by Fred Addo

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Author: Fred Addo
Format: Paperback
Length: 108 Pages
Published: 2013

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Written by a former worrior-turned-warrior, The Enemy Called Worry gives you every weapon you need to conquer the sin of worry. Rather than enduring worry as a personality trait or a characteristic to bear, you will learn how the enemy uses worry to keep you from fulfilling your God-given destiny.

Worry is a sin that gives birth to many other sins. It affects your spiritual development and your physical health – and deeps you so preoccupied with your problems that your relationships with others and God are severely and negatively affected.

Each chapter is filled with thought-provoking and truth-exposing insights about how to conquer worry including:

  • What worry really is
  • The choice called worry
  • Ten worry indicators
  • Warriors and worriors
  • Seven things you must know
  • The master key
Chapters conclude with Wisdom for Worriors – important points to consider as you destroy The Enemy Called Worry!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: For Starters
Chapter 2: The Thief Called Worry
Chapter 3: The Sin Called Worry
Chapter 4: The Choice Called Worry
Chapter 5: What Worry Really Is
Chapter 6: Ten Worry Indicators
Chapter 7: My Struggle with Worry
Chapter 8: Warriors and Worriors
Chapter 9: Seven things You Must Know
Chapter 10: The Master Key
Chapter 11: The Gift of Peace
The Ministry of Bishop Fred Addo


For a long time the relationship between the mentor and the mentee has been lopsided. This book is set to bring the required balance. I have always learned more from the struggles of those I look up to than from their giftedness. That is why I believe our greatest legacy on earth must be how, by His grace, we overcome the challenges that came across our paths in life. In fact, that is the essence of biblical testimonies – not the history of victories or achievements, but how the attributes of God were revealed through them by the way they overcame.
This book from gifted and prolific writer Bishop Fred Addo teaches you how to live a worry-free life. This easy-to-read masterpiece is for both mentors and mentees, professors and students, the pews and the pulpit, housewives and chief executives, lay persons and the seasoned.
I have been blessed by reading this book, and I’m sure you will be too!
Bishop Joe Ibojie, Author, Senior Pastor of The Father’s House
This book shows you the struggles and the steps you can take to give you everlasting victory. The simplicity with which these struggles and steps are communicated makes it an easy book to read and comprehend – thus leading to transformation. I have read the book, and I am personally transformed and elated by the truths that are revealed in a life-changing way. Characteristic of Dr. Addo, he did not mince words or come with fables, but rather expounded the Word of God with such revelatory depth that brings out the core of God’s intention concerning the subject of worry. I highly recommend that you read this book; it will transform you and give you the biblical and practical tools to conquer the enemy called worry.
Bishop Calvin Antonza II, International Praise Cathedral, Kaduna, Nigeria

About the Author:

Dr. Fred Addo has preached to countless people in evangelistic crusades, leadership seminars, churches, and schools worldwide, with signs and wonders following. Bishop Addo pastors the International Praise Cathedral in Kaduna, Nigeria. His wife, Dr. Funbi Addo, is also a preacher. Recently the Lord led Bishop and Mrs. Addo out of pastoral ministry into the mission field.