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Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing
Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing by Michael Dewar

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Author: Michael W Dewar
Subtitle: Overcoming Previous Dwellers' Histories, Curses, and Desecrations
Format: Paperback
Length: 200 Pages
Published: 2016

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Every dwelling place (home) needs a spiritual clean-up job.

Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing is a special spiritual exercise that removes former dwellers’ histories, curses, and desecrations from your dwelling or the one you are moving your family into.

Former dwellers have left both seen and unseen desecration behind: one physical, the other spiritual. Both need cleaning up of a different type.

Learn how to establish overwhelming spiritual authority, blessing, and protection at your dwelling place and over your family.

Learn how to put territorial spirits on notice that your dwelling and property are holy grounds and off limits for their nefarious activities.

Learn why housewarming or house dedication isn’t enough, both leave you unprotected and vulnerable. This book is your step by step guide for a clean-up job.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Things You Do No Know Exist
Chapter 1: When All Hell Breaks Loose at Home
Chapter 2: Understanding Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing
Chapter 3: The Blood Cries Out
Chapter 4: Desecrating Paraphernalia
Chapter 5: Territorial Spirits & Reclamation Authority
Chapter 6: Angels at Your Service
Chapter 7: When the Hedges are Down
Chapter 8: Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing
Chapter 9: After Dwelling Place Cleansing
Appendix A: Dwelling Place Cleaning Kit
Appendix B: Church Outreach Ministry
Appendix C: Dwelling Place Spiritual Consultant
Appendix D: The Dwelling Place Spiritual Consultant
Appendix E: Spiritual Director’s Guide
Appendix F: Dwelling Place Code of Ethics

About the Author:
Michael Dewar D.Min., M.Div., is a pastor and teacher for over thirty-five years, spiritual mentor, founder and CEO of Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing, a faith-based organization in New Yok. He resides in New York City with his family.