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Spiritual House Cleaning Revised and Updated
Spiritual House Cleaning Revised and Updated by Eddie and Alice Smith

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Author: Eddie and Alice Smith
Subtitle: Protect Your Home and Family from Spiritual Pollut
Format: Paperback
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2009

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What you cant see, cant hurt you . . . or can it?

This revised and updated edition of Eddie and Alice Smiths bestseller will equip you to identify and free yourself and your family from things that defile the spiritual atmosphere of your home, your business and place of worship. Many families, even Christian families, suffer needlessly from unseen evil infestations. This doesnt just happen. A demonically infected atmosphere is a result of doors that have been left open doors of sin, even the sins of previous residents and of past generations! And evils grip is often maintained as a result f ones possessions. Your home should reflect the pure, peaceful presence of Christ. A defiled spiritual atmosphere will affect you, your relationships, your health and even your success. But you can rid your life, your family, your home and your place of worship of the enemys influence and create a place of purity and peace. Eddie and Alice reveal Gods prescription for detecting, diagnosing and dealing with these issues. They address:

  • Symptoms and causes of spiritual pollution; and how to detect them
  • How to deal with your children (of different ages), with family and with the uninitiated
  • Spiritual church cleaning! You must read this chapter!
  • Wisdom and warnings
  • Gods seven-step biblical process of purification

In addition, in this enlarged edition, Eddie and Alice offer amazing real-life victory stories. They examine what lays at the root of each experience and expose the enemys tactics for staking a squatters claim. They provide biblical tools with which you can evict the invisible evil tenants in your home and property. Spiritual housecleaning will transform your environment and, quite possibly, your life!

Table of Contents

Preface: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Introduction: Why We Wrote This Book

Part 1: Spiritual Housecleaning Principles

Chapter 1: Spiritual Discernment

Chapter 2: Who Wants to Live in a Haunted Hotel?

Chapter 3: Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution

Chapter 4: Causes of Spiritual Pollution

Chapter 5: Where You Never Thought to Look

Chapter 6: The Purification Process

Part 2: Stories and Applications

Chapter 7: Home-Front Stories of Spiritual Housecleaning

Chapter 8: Children and Spiritual Housecleaning

Chapter 9: Spiritual Church Cleaning

Chapter 10: Work, Other Peoples Property, and Loved Ones

Chapter 11: Spiritual Housecleaning Wisdom and Warnings


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If we are ignorant of the wiles of the devil, he will surely take advantage of us. With Spiritual Housecleaning, Eddie and Alice Smith have exposed his wiles and dealt a severe blow to the kingdom of darkness. This book will help you break satanic bondages and set you free for victory!

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute; President, Global Harvest Ministries

The Bible admonishes us to leave no (such) room of foothold for the devil (give no opportunity to him) (Eph 4:27, AMP). Eddie and Alice Smith show how, through our ignorance and carelessness, the devil can take advantage of us through things in our possession. From Scripture and personal experience, they enlighten us on the importance of spiritual housecleaning and how to go about it.

Frank D. Hammond, Author

About the Authors

Eddie and Alice Smith, both internationally known speakers, serve as President and Executive Director of the U.S. Prayer Center. Alice is the author of the bestsellers Beyond the Veil, Beyond the Lie, Delivering the Captives and others. Eddies books include Breaking the Enemys Grip, Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare, Strategic Prayer and others. They have co-authored various other popular titles. They live in Houston, Texas.