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Did the Spirit of God Say That?
Did the Spirit of God Say That? by Jennifer LeClaire

Price: $16.95
Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: 27 Ways to Judge Prophecy
Format: Paperback
Published: 2012

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If you are like me, you love to get prophetic words. But if you put blind faith into the wrong prophecy it could open the door for the enemy to lead you out of God’s will.  All prophecy must be judged.  But let’s face it: Some prophecies are more difficult to judge than others.

 That’s why I wrote Did the Spirit of God Say That?  In this book, you’ll discover 27 different ways to explore the source of a prophetic word so you can discern what spirit is really speaking.  You’ll learn:

 How to sharpen your spiritual ears to God’s voice

How to discern the spirit behind a prophetic word

How to respond to false or erroneous prophecy

How to recognize Jezebel’s prophecies

How to steer clear of prophetic merchandisers and much more!

 Did the Spirit of God Say That? is filled with Scriptures and practical examples of real-life good, bad and ugly prophecies.  Think of this as a reference guide to help you avoid the pitfalls of personal prophecy so you can hold fast to that which is good.


 Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: Try the Spirits

Chapter 2: Does the Prophecy Glorify Jesus?

Chapter 3: Does the Prophecy Agree with Scripture?

Chapter 4: Does the Prophecy Point You to Jesus?

Chapter 5: Does the Prophecy Lead You Into Idolatry?

Chapter 6: Does the Prophecy Try to Establish New Doctrine?

Chapter 7: Does the Prophet Acknowledge Christ’s Lordship?

Chapter 8: Do the Prophecies Come to Pass?

Chapter 9: Does the Prophecy Produce Freedom?

Chapter 10: Does the Prophecy Seek to Control?

Chapter 11: Does the Prophecy Breed Fear?

Chapter 12: Does the Prophecy Produce Stability?

Chapter 13: IS the Prophecy Ambiguous?

Chapter 14: Does the Prophecy Bring Major Confusion?

Chapter 15: Does the Prophecy Bring Confirmation?

Chapter 16: Does Your Spirit Bear Witness to the Prophecy?

Chapter 17: Do Mature Christians Bear Witness?

Chapter 18: Does the Prophecy Stir Your Spirit to Seek God?

Chapter 19: Does the Prophecy Edify, Comfort or Exhort?

Chapter 20: Is the Prophecy Loving?

Chapter 21: Does the Prophet Exalt Himself?

Chapter 22: Does the Prophecy Pressure You to Give?

Chapter 23: What is the Consistent Character of the Prophet?

Chapter 24: Does the Prophecy Rebuke or Correct?

Chapter 25: Is the Prophet Part of a Local Church?

Chapter 26: Does the Prophet Try to Get You Alone?

Chapter 27: Are You Dealing With a False Prophet?

Chapter 28: Is the Prophecy Delivered in Anger or Judgment?



About the Author

Jennifer is news editor at Charisma magazine.  She is a prophetic voice and teacher who has written several books, including The Heart of the Prophetic and A Prophet’s Heart.