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A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters
A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters by Patricia Bootsma

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Author: Patricia Bootsma
Subtitle: Through Prayer, Prophecy, and the Living Word
Format: Paperback
Length: 196 Pages
Published: 2018

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People are desperate to experience God – not just at church or a special event – but on a continuous, daily basis. Is this even possible?

Patricia Bootsma, one of the key leaders of Catch the Fire Toronto, has made it her life goal to walk in a lifestyle of divine encounters – and mentor you to do the same!

Learn to access a consistent experience with the Presence of God by combining three key elements: prayer, God’s Living Word, and the prophetic.

This incredible resource will empower you to . . .

  • Release the Power of Prophecy: Learn the benefits of living a prophetic lifestyle, keys to discerning true vs. false prophecy, and secrets to operating in the revelatory realms of dreams, visions and prophetic encounters.
  • Experience the Living Word of God: Discover the link between Word and Spirit, activate the Scriptures through prayer, and experience joy in your Bible study as the written word comes to life.
  • Activate the Force of Prayer: Experience powerful results from operating in different realms of prayer – soaking, prophetic decree, praying in tongues, confession and petition.

You never have to leave the Presence of God. Encounter Him in a fresh way today!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by John Arnott
Chapter 1: Why Pray?
Chapter 2: How to Pray
Chapter 3: Prophetic Prayer
Chapter 4: The Power of Prayer
Chapter 5: The House of Prayer
Chapter 6: Prayer in the New Testament and Beyond

Chapter 7: Why Prophecy?
Chapter 8: Revelation
Chapter 9: The Seeing Realms
Chapter 10: Seeing in the Spirit Realm
Chapter 11: Expressions of the Prophetic
Chapter 12: Walking in Fulfilled Prophecy
Chapter 13: Prophetic Evangelism
Chapter 14: Heaven-Sent Attire

The Power of the Word
Chapter 15: Joy in the Word
Chapter 16: The Word and the Spirit
Chapter 17: Studying the bible


Patricia Bootsma is a humble yet powerful woman. She carries God’s love and kindness and walks in clos communion with Him. She lives what she so eloquently teaches. This book is full of wisdom and practical guidance birthed in the place of prayer and relationship with God as well as historical examples. Read this and grow in hunger for connection with God through prayer, prophecy, and His word!
Heidi Baker, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO or Iris Global

Few people have authority to speak on Equipping All Believers like Patricia Bootsma. She has spent her life equipping her six children, then equipping the churches that she and her husband have pastored, and finally equipping people to do the First Commandment in the houses of prayer she has built. Patricia Bootsma speaks with great authority on this key biblical truth – that all believers are called to extend the Kingdom of God . . . all for the glory of its King.
Stacey Campbell, Author

About the Author:
Patricia Bootsma and her husband John are the senior associate pastors of Catch the Fire Toronto. Patricia is also the director of the Catch the Fire House of Prayer. She leads the Ontario Prophetic Counsel and represents Ontario to the Canadian Prophetic Counsel. Patricia ministers as a prophetic voice internationally helping to inspire hearts to walk in passionate desire for the Bridegroom and live out fullness of destiny. Patricia helps start Houses of Prayer, inspiring prayer and worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. John and Patricia have six wonderful children, three of whom are married with three grandchildren