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Delivering the Captives
Delivering the Captives by Alice Smith

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Author: Alice Smith
Subtitle: Understanding the Strongman and How to Defeat Him
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages

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Christian, do you suffer from an unbridled temper, overpowering sinful habits, overwhelming sadness, or any number of other spiritually defeating issues? Are you seemingly unable to establish and maintain positive, meaningful relationships with others?

Counselor or pastor, do you sometimes wonder why you have such limited authority over evil spirits and why, after evicting them one week, the same spirits show up again the next week?

In Delivering the Captives, Alice Smith draws on her thirty-five years of deliverance ministry around the world to expose some of Satans slickest strategies. She explains how he deceives us into building spiritual strongholds in our own lives through willful sin so his demons can operate, develop into strongmen, and access levels of dominion over us. Let Alice show you how to detect and defeat strongmen, and precisely why Jesus said we must bind the strongmen before we dismantle their strongholds and permanently dismiss them.

Here are your guidelines, including Alices much sought-after list of Apparent Demonic Groupings that reveals how demons work together. Here are your biblical tools, including prayers, proclamations, and pronouncements to renounce evil spirits and remove them from your life and from the lives of others.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Real Deal

Chapter 2: Looking at the Foundations

Chapter 3: Glancing Back to the Past

Chapter 4: Curses, Yokes, and False Covenants

Chapter 5: Strongholds Defined

Chapter 6: How Strongholds Become Demonic

Chapter 7: The Strongman: Binding is the Key

Chapter 8: Unraveling the Strongmans Strength

Chapter 9: Clean But Empty!

Appendix 1: Apparent Demonic Groupings List

Appendix 2: Breaking Unholy Soul Ties

Appendix 3: Renouncing Freemasonry

Appendix 4: Renouncing the Roots of Slavery

Appendix 5: Renouncing Hinduism

Appendix 6: Renouncing the Mormon Church

Appendix 7: Renouncing the Watchtower (Jehovahs Witnesses)

Appendix 8: Renouncing Scientology

Appendix 9: Renouncing the Occult and New Age Practices

Appendix 10: Renouncing Islam

Appendix 11: Renouncing Martial Arts

Appendix 12: Renouncing Unbiblical Practices of Roman Catholicism

Appendix 13: Renouncing Buddhism

Appendix 14: Prayer for Healing of Memories


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Alice Smith may be petite in stature but she is powerful in the Holy Spirit. Delivering the Captives is one powerful book that will do serious damage to Satans kingdom. I highly recommend it.

Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church

Delivering the Captives will minister to anyone wanting to experience and to share the glorious freedom God wants for His children. Alice Smiths straightforward and practical wisdom on becoming and remaining unchained from sins enslavement is priceless.

Dutch Sheets, Senior Pastor, Freedom Church

We are living in a season where we must understand the victory that we have as Gods children. We are an anointed people who will do exploits. Alice Smiths new book, Delivering the Captives, is excellent! The Lord Jesus Christ told us to first bind the strongman before we attempt to plunder his house. I have not read a book more comprehensive or instructive in this area than Delivering the Captives. If you want to be free of are in the process of setting others free, this is a must-read for you.

Chuck Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries

About the Author

Alice Smith is an internationally known conference speaker and bestselling author of many books, including Beyond the Lie, Beyond the Veil, and co-authored spiritual Housecleaning, with her husband, Eddie. She is a regular contributor to magazines including Charisma, Spirit-Led Woman, and Pray! and makes guest appearances on the 700 Club and This Is Your Day. Alice and Eddie founded the U.S. Prayer Center in 1990. They have four grown children and make their home in Houston, Texas.