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Breaking Casualty Covenants
Breaking Casualty Covenants by Mickie Winborn

Price: $16.99
Author: Mickie Winborn
Subtitle: Realizing the Weight of Your Words
Format: Paperback
Length: 248 Pages
Published: 2000

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I’ll have to live with this back pain my whole life. I’ve always been poor. I have no money. My bills never get paid. Nothing ever goes right for me.

If you’ve heard statements like these coming to your lips, you may have casually and unknowingly made a covenant with the enemy. The words you speak dramatically influence whether your existence is led with depression or joy, poverty, or wealth – even life or death! How can you rid yourself of the effects these deceitful curses have on your future and avoid becoming a “casualty” of those covenants?

Self-imposed curses on our lives must be revoked if we are to be free. In this instrumental book by Mickie Winborn, you will be triumphantly guided to victory with answers to questions like:

  • What are casualty covenants?
  • How can I keep from sabotaging my future with casually covenants?
  • How can I rid my life of the negative covenants I have already made?
  • What are some biblical promises I can speak over my life?

Learn how the power of Jesus’ redemption has already made your success possible! Discover how to enter into covenants with God to enjoy a healthy, positive, prosperous future!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What are Casually Covenants
Chapter 2: Opening the Door
Chapter 3: The Temptation
Chapter 4: Emotional Bondage
Chapter 5: Mental Bondage
Chapter 6: Casually Covenants and Your Health
Chapter 7: Forgiveness Brings Freedom
Chapter 8: The Domino Effect
Chapter 9: Guidelines for Godly Decisions
Chapter 10: Financial Covenants
Chapter 11: Discerning Spiritual Guidance
Chapter 12: Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 13: The Promised Seed
Chapter 14: Bad News Covenants vs. the Good News Covenant

About the Author:
Mickie Winborn is an ordained minister and is the president of Mickie Winborn Ministries. In 1976 she founded Prayer Bible Studies of Houston for Catholic women who desired to study the Bible. She continues to teach this group, which currently meets monthly and has expanded into an interdenominational membership of men and women. She has appeared on many Christian and secular television programs sharing about her miraculous healing of terminal cancer.