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Deliverance for Children and Teens
Deliverance for Children and Teens by Bill Banks

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Author: Bill Banks
Format: Paperback
Length: 189 Pages

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Deliverance for Children and Teens is a practical handbook for ministering deliverance to children and teens. The material in this book is arranged to help parents diagnose their childrens problems, and to find solutions for destructive behavior patterns.

The Doorways Section illustrates how demons enter, and how they can take advantage of innocent, vulnerable children. More than a dozen categories of gates of entry are explained with examples provided.

The Discipline Section explains ways to avoid problems before they arise, or to address demonic patters before they become entrenched.

The Mechanics of Ministry Section will help the parent minister to a child needing help with step-by-step instructions.

You will learn simple, surprising truths including:

  • The easiest of all ministry is to small children
  • Discipline is a basic form of spiritual warfare and can bring deliverance
  • A child can acquire demonic problems through hereditary or personal experience
  • Deliverance need not be frightening if properly presented.

Throughout this book you will find comfort in the grace, wisdom, provision and power of Jesus Christ to meet the needs of all His children!

Table of Contents


Authors Introduction


Letter for a Bible Teacher

Part 1: Deliverance for Children: How Demons Enter
Chapter 1: Gates of the Senses

Chapter 2: Gate of Heredity

Chapter 3: Gate of Sibling Rivalry

Chapter 4: Gate of Childhood Trauma

Chapter 5: Gate of Abuse

Chapter 6: Gate of Wrong Gender

Chapter 7: Gate of Breaking Faith

Chapter 8: Gate of Rejection by Loved Ones

Chapter 9: Gate of Vicarious Pain

Chapter 10: Gate of Over-Protectiveness

Chapter 11: Gate of Abandonment

Chapter 12: Gate of Divorce

Chapter 13: Gate of Being Unwanted

Chapter 14: Gate of Curses

Chapter 15: Gate of Exposure to Cult, Occult

Chapter 16: Closing the Gates: Protect and Bless Your Child

Part 2: Discipline Guards Against Demonic Activity
Chapter 1: A Child Wants to be Disciplines

Chapter 2: How Do We Learn Discipline?

Chapter 3: Willful Disobedience

Chapter 4: Consistent Discipline Brings Deliverance

Chapter 5: Discipline is a Form of Spiritual Warfare

Part 3: Mechanics of Ministering
Chapter 1: Jesus Teaches How to Deliver a Child

Chapter 2: How to Pray for Deliverance

Chapter 3: When to Minister Deliverance

Chapter 4: Where to Minister Deliverance

Chapter 5: The Stages of Deliverance

Part 4: Deliverance for Teens
Chapter 1: Salvation

Chapter 2: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Chapter 3: Experienced Deliverance Worker

Chapter 4: Unique Needs Among Teens

Chapter 5: Sample Prayers for Teens

Chapter 6: Praying for Lost Teens