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Obstacles to Deliverance
Obstacles to Deliverance by Frank Hammond

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Author: Frank Hammond
Subtitle: Frank Hammond
Format: Booklet
Length: 25 Pages
Published: 2002/2011

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Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails: Why does deliverance sometimes fail? This is, in essence, the same question raised by Jesus first disciples. When these disciples were unable to cast out a spirit of epilepsy, they were puzzled and asked Jesus the reason for their failure.

Jesus gave a multi-part answer which leads us to take into account the petitioners faith, the deliverance ministers capability, the spiritual qualifications that must be met, the strength of the spirit confronted and the strategy of warfare employed.

Obstacles to Deliverance: In particular, there are myths, misunderstandings and misinformation concerning the ministry of deliverance. The first battleground is in the minds of men, where Satan has sown questions, doubts and fears that become hindrances to involvement in this valid, biblical ministry.

Those who want an answer should be given an answer. Ignorance, prejudice and fear are hurdles that some sincere Christians must get over before they are willing to become involved in spiritual warfare. Before one can bring himself to obedience to deal with the devil and demons, certain obstacles must be overcome in ones mind.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Why Deliverance Sometimes Fails

Lack of Faith

Lack of Spiritual Discipline

Varying Strength of Demons

Conditions Not Met




Self Deception

Not Understanding How Satans Kingdom Functions

Failure to Seek the Lords Battle Plan

Lack of Knowledge Concerning Deliverance

Learning from our Failures

Part 2: Obstacles to Deliverance

Obstacle 1: Fear and Terror at the Mention of Demons, the Devil or Deliverance

Obstacle 2: Unbelief: There is No Such Thing as the Devil or Demons

Obstacle 3: Demons are Real, But Too Powerful for Us to Confront

Obstacle 4: Deliverance is Valid; However, it Should be Left to the Experts

Obstacle 5: Christians Cannot Have Demons

Obstacle 6: Demons Have no Activity in Civilized Countries

Obstacle 7: Demons Will Come Back Seven Times Worse

Obstacle 8: Deliverance Must Never be Done in Public

Obstacle 9: Deliverance is Just a Matter of Faith

Obstacle 10: Deliverance Must be With (or Without) Manifestations

Obstacle 11: Demonology and Deliverance Glorify the Devil, We Should Keep our Minds on Jesus

Obstacle 12: Those Who Get Involved in Deliverance Suffer Personal Attacks from the Devil

Obstacle 13: Jesus Did It All For Us We Dont Need to Fight


About the Author

Frank Hammond was a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with over forty years experience as a pastor and teacher in the Body of Christ. He has authored numerous books, DDs and compact discs on spiritual warfare and family relationships, with translations in several languages. He and his wife, Ida Mae, started in the deliverance ministry in 1968 and had an international ministry.