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Demons and Deliverance in the Ministry of Jesus
Demons & Deliverance Ministry of Jesus by Frank Hammond

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Author: Frank Hammond
Format: Paperback
Length: 151 Pages
Published: 1991/2011

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A sequel to the Hammonds widely accepted book, Pigs in the Parlor A Practical Guide to Deliverance.

The book sets forth guiding principles from the ministry of Jesus for confronting demons and delivering the oppressed. The synoptic gospels are shown to provide basic understanding of the devil and demons and reveal the pattern for biblical deliverance.

You will learn practical, helpful insights into:

  • The nature and function of the demonic kingdom
  • Discerning right and wrong methods of deliverance
  • Fears that defeat Christian soldiers
  • The believers commission, authority and anointing
  • Maintaining balance in deliverance
  • Keeping out of the devils reach
  • Demonic connection with mental illness and disease

Table of Contents



The Wilderness Temptations

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Deliverance: A Public Ministry

Deliverance in the Atonement

Ministering to the Multitude

Continued Ministry to the Multitude

Prayer for Deliverance

The Test of True Discipleship

The Testimony of Miracles

Healed of Demons

Two Opposing Kingdoms

Filling the House

Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Tares

The Gadarene Demoniac

Another Deliverance Healing and Blasphemous Accusation

The Twelve Commissioned and Anointed

Persecution Encountered

Deliverance is the Childrens Bread

Binding and Loosing

Men Used of God are Sometimes Used of Satan

A Deliverance Failure

Exclusiveness Rebuked

Enforcing Church Discipline

The Curse of Unforgiveness

The Mission of the Seventy

The Spirit of Infirmity

Attempted Intimidation

Satan Enters into Judas

Satan Asks for Peter

About the Author

Frank Hammond is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with over forty years experience as a pastor and teacher in the Body of Christ. Hammond has authored books on spiritual warfare and family relationships with translations in several languages. He and his wife, Ida Mae, have been in deliverance since 1968 and have an international ministry.