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Deliverance by Josef Rousek

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Author: Josef Rousek
Subtitle: A Ministry of Compassion
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2019

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Depressed? Fearful? Addiction? Failures? Need victory over sin? Health? Finances?

A wealth of hope awaits you. What if it’s not all your fault? What if it’s a war to be fought with supernatural weapons and power? Today, the American church loves Jesus’ commandment to heal the sick, and if we had any lepers around, the church would gladly pray for them. Christians might even pray for the dead. However, when it comes to casting out demons, the church generally doesn’t want to get into all that “messy stuff.” Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God, healed people and cast out demons. It was an important part of His ministry. Through simple biblical principles, the Word of God, practical tools, and personal encounters, discover greater levels of freedom and healing in your marriage, health, finances, and relationships. Deliverance is truly a ministry of compassion – a life of freedom.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Paul Cox
Chapter 1: Coming into Understanding
Chapter 2: Evangelistic Meetings
Chapter 3: Self Will
Chapter 4: The Light Comes On
Chapter 5: The Mission of Jesus
Chapter 6: What are Demons?
Chapter 7: Demons and the Heavenly Places
Chapter 8: Do Demons Afflict Christians
Chapter 9: Body, Soul, and Spirit
Chapter 10: Demonic Rights
Chapter 11: Personal Sin
Chapter 12: Occult Practices
Chapter 13: the Ungodly Power of Words
Chapter 14: Addictions
Chapter 15: At the Hands of Others
Chapter 16: Sex and Demonization
Chapter 17: The Undefiled Marriage Bed
Chapter 18: Sexual Responsibility in Marriage
Chapter 19: The Deceived Church
Chapter 20: Why People Won’t Receive Prayer
Chapter 21: The Flesh or a Demon?
Chapter 22: Getting onto It
Chapter 23: Tips for Deliverance Ministry
Chapter 24: Common Demonic Behaviors
Chapter 25: Generational Curses
Chapter 26: Removing Spiritual Attachments
Chapter 27: Spiritual Authority
Chapter 28: Generational Prayer Model
Chapter 29: Conclusion

About the Author:
Josef Rousek is CEO of Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters in Bishop, California and Vice President of Father’s Heart Africa. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, evangelist, prayer minister, and has shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and in nations around the world. He graduated from Aslan’s Leadership Academy, a Biblical training and equipping center, founded by Dr. Paul Cox. Josef and his wife, Anne, reside in High Sierra Mountains of California.