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Behind Enemy Lines
Behind Enemy Lines by Nichol Collins

Price: $20.99
Author: Nichol Collins
Format: Paperback
Length: 253 Pages
Published: 2017

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In her riveting autobiography, Behind Enemy Lines, Nichol Collins shares transparently about her life in hopes that someone will be saved, set fee, and delivered. Once a transgender lesbian and drug dealer affiliated with gangs in Los Angeles, California, her lifestyle was a complete shock to her mother who raised her in church. Known by the nickname “Esko” in the streets, she gained notoriety among her peers. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat. Esko lived a life that spelled out party and perversion. Her abuse of drugs and alcohol caused her to live in a constant fog. She hung out with celebrities, “down low men,” and held a high-ranking position in an underground gay society called “houses” that will astonish her readers.

Your heart will pound as you live through her close calls with death, worldly excursions, and demonic forces assigned to assassinate her. She had rebelled against everything instilled in her from childhood. However, she lived in fear of missing the return of the Lord. In spite of her disobedience, God showed mercy toward her. She walked out alive with the devil’s secrets. This book will educate you about the gat lingo, and the urban LGBTQ culture. What took twenty minutes to get into, took twenty years to come out of. Yet she conquered a spirit that most people never shake off, but defend, and make excuses for what they do. Nichol tells her testimony of being turned into a victorious person in an awe-inspiring story. This book is an anointed instrument of mass deliverance, and a fine-tuned weapon to help you minister to others. As readers flip the pages, they will see God’s transforming power as she goes from Caterpillar to Butterfly.

Table of Contents:
My Arrival
New City
Bitter Memories
Confused and Abused
The Lord Stepped In
Troubled Waters
Jesus on the Mainline
Unmercifully Beaten
Teen Things and Drama Scenes
Culture Shock
Church Hurt
Plot of the Enemy
Turned Out
2 Pac Took My Girl
First Gay Pride
The Glory Departed
On the Battlefield
A Miracle on Meadowbrook
My Celebrity Chick
The Lingo 101-Secret Society
Held Hostage
I Tried
Sleeping with the Enemy
Excursions in Perversion
ATL Gone Sour
I Dodged the Bullet
Las Vegas Chronicles
Death Knocked on My Door
Mom’s Gay Ministry
All Hell Broke Loose but God
He Ordered My Steps
The Great Escape

About the Author:
Nichol Collins is a daughter, visionary, evangelist, and an entrepreneur of a Christian clothing line. Most importantly, she is a servant of God. She learned through a series of events that she may not have been perfect, but she certainly has a purpose. As a result, Nichol is crying aloud and sparing not. She is warning sinners that Hell is an eternal destination of torment. She is on a mission to advance the kingdom of God. Nichol is a spirit-filled witness unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.