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Declaration of Dependence
Declaration of Dependenc by Marlene McMillan

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Author: Marlene McMillan
Subtitle: How to Heal Our Nation Through Prayer
Format: 8.5x11" Manual
Length: 251 Pages
Published: 2011

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This Declaration of Dependence is . . .

A radical solution to these radical times; the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony in bold action. Mature. Strong. Controversial. Governmental not political. Uncomfortable. Where has conform gotten us? Politically incorrect. We have been pursuing things that don't matter, won't last and could cost us everything. The Bible is the first book of law, government, history, economics and education.

We need the gospel; the healing of the brokenhearted, the proclamation of liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and the bound set free. We need you. In a day of extreme sports, extreme weather outbreaks, extreme division, extreme financial crisis, extreme world upheaval, isn't it time for extreme prayer?

As you're praying, you'll be shining light, showing love, speaking truth and enthroning glory. Be strengthened as you pray, knowing God hears you and that you're making the difference.

This is not about keeping the status quo. It's not about saving the economy, electing a new leader or having a religious experience. It's not Sunday morning churchianity, it's a lifestyle. It's about being transformed into the image of the Son. It's about returning to Yahweh. The prodigals are coming home. Will you declare your dependence?

Table of Contents

Foreword by James Nesbit


Part 1: Seek His Face

Part 2: What's in a Name?

Part 3: Rediscovering Liberty

Chapter 1: A Wounded and Broken Nation

Chapter 2: Separation of Secular and Spiritual Areas of Life

Chapter 3: Bondage of Religion

Chapter 4: Fear of Man in Our Schools

Chapter 5: Abortion

Chapter 6: The Church Not Functioning as the Governmental Assembly of the Kingdom of God

Chapter 7: Not Identifying the Real Enemy

Chapter 8: Financial Crisis and Bankruptcy of the Nation

Chapter 9: External Liberty Compromised

Chapter 10: Debtor Nation

Chapter 11: Darkness in the Land

Chapter 12: Liberty is Indivisible (Not able to be Divided)

Chapter 13: Thinking That All Belief Systems are Equal

Chapter 14: The Legal System Oppressing the Poor and Defenseless

Chapter 15: Political Correctness

Chapter 16: A Welfare-Dependent Culture

Chapter 17: False Prophets in the Church Mixing Truth and Error

Chapter 18: Rampant Lawlessness and Rebellion

Chapter 19: Diminished Parental Influence in Education

Chapter 20: Forgetting the Foundations on Which We Were Built

Chapter 21: Self-Centered Nation

Chapter 22: Looking to Civil Government for Rights

Chapter 23: National and Global Chaos

Chapter 24: Baal Worship in our Churches

Chapter 25: Decline of the Nation

Chapter 26: Freemasonry and Secret Societies

Chapter 27: Celebrity Culture in the Churches

Chapter 28: Sin Among Clergy and Church Leaders

Chapter 29: Not Understanding that Yahweh is the Source of Liberty

Chapter 30: Disregarding God's Covenant

Chapter 31: Increase in Number of Laws

Chapter 32: Culture Has a Religious Base (No Neutrality)

Chapter 33: The Church Failing the Poor

Chapter 34: Immigration Conflicts

Chapter 35: Freemasonry in the Church

Chapter 36: Holding on to Soul Wounds

Chapter 37: Dividing Liberty (Liberty is Indivisible)

Chapter 38: Liberty Starts Within

Chapter 39: Christians and Ministries Living with a Poverty Mindset

Chapter 40: Plea for Mercy

Chapter 41: Anti-God and Anti-Constitution Government Schools

Chapter 42: Breaking Covenant

Chapter 43: False Security and General Sense of Fear

Chapter 44: Election of Leaders that Fear Yahweh

Chapter 45: The System Has Taken Control of the Classroom Away from the Teacher

Chapter 46: Sexual Immorality

Chapter 47: The Declining Standard of Character

Chapter 48: Paying Tribute to Islam

Chapter 49: Postmodernism in the Church

Chapter 50: Environmentalism (A Religious Worldview)

Chapter 51: Turning the Hearts of Other Nations Against Yahweh


Appendix: Religion vs. Kingdom

Appendix: Tree of Liberty vs. Tree of Bondage and Tyranny

Appendix: Cycle of Liberty

Where Do I Go From Here?

About the Author

About the Author

Dr. Marlene McMillan has been teaching Christians and non-Christians how to apply the Bible to daily life and influence our culture for over 20 years. Earning a D.Min. with an emphasis in Church and State Relations has opened doors for town hall debates, media interviews, and a greater level of cultural impact. She has become one of the most highly trained business consultants available, with an established reputation in the areas of Branding and Internet Marketing, Media Interview preparation and Niche Celebrity development. In addition to being in demand as a business speaker, she continues an active teaching ministry and is known as the Nations Expert on the Principles of Liberty. Dr. McMillan resides in Texas.