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Dealing with Ziz
Dealing with Ziz by Anne Hamilton

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Author: Anne Hamilton
Subtitle: Spirit of Forgetting
Format: Paperback
Length: 228 Pages
Published: 2018

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A companion volume to Dealing with Python: Spirit of Constriction.

The most significant of the threshold points of life is the doorway into God’s unique calling for us. He invites us through covenant to fulfil the destiny and purpose for which we were born.

However, many of us fall at the threshold, rather than pass over it. We experience unremitting constriction, wasting, retaliation and forgetting – to such a degree that it’s easy to doubt the promise of God.

This pioneering work examines the spiritual implications of forgetting in relation to thresholds and covenants. Because the opposite of remembering is dismembering – dismembering of truth – the spirit of forgetting is able to bar the way into our calling. But there is an answer.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Keepers of Memory
Chapter 2: Remember, Remember
Chapter 3: Bridge of Birds
Chapter 4: The Mezuzah of God
Chapter 5: The Hill of Government
Chapter 6: Watchkeeper Bride
Chapter 7: Through All Generations
Appendix 1: Brief Summary
Appendix 2: Common Symbols of Ziz
Appendix 3: Governing Vows
Appendix 4: Complicity and Salvation
Appendix 5: Geography