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Dealing with Bloodlust
Dealing with Bloodlust by Madelene Eayrs and Michael Kleu

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Author: Madelene Eayrs and Michael Kleu
Subtitle: Gods Key to Your Healing Vol 8
Format: Paperback
Length: 90 Pages
Published: 2011

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Has your family suffered from premature deaths, spontaneous abortions, osteoarthritis or are they being tormented by fear and turmoil? Have you wondered why you are not being healed? Be prepared to be astounded by the answers to these and other questions in this book.

You will discover areas of vulnerability in your life and will be provided with information on how to overcome them. Expect a change in your health when you apply the knowledge contained in this series. Don’t settle for a life of torment because of illness. Lay hold of your divine healing that has already been paid for. It is a joy to us to transfer God’s Key’s to Your Healing to your hands today. We pray that these keys will speed your healing, and lead you into a deep and satisfying love relationship with the Lord.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Does the Bible Say about Bloodlust?
Chapter 2: Biblical Punishments for Harboring Bloodlust
Chapter 3: Where in Your Body Will You Be Afflicted?
Chapter 4: Kinds of Illness to Expect
Chapter 5: How to Deal with This Attitude/Sin
Chapter 6: Be Renewed
Appendix 1: Deliverance
Appendix 2: Table of Nutrition

About the Authors:
Michael Kleu and Madelene Eayrs live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have more than 40 years combined experience in the deliverance ministry and have authored dozens of books on the topic. Michael and Madelene take great joy in seeing freedom, healing and knowledge restored to God’s children.