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How to Live & Not Die
How to Live & Not Die by Norvel Hayes

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Author: Norvel Hayes
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 1986, 2023

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Are you bound with debilitating disease and painful symptoms? Have you or someone you love been given a terminal diagnosis that feels like a death sentence?

God wants you to live and not die! He has made provision for you through Jesus and given you specific promises in His Word to secure your healing and establish your victory over sickness.

Esteemed Bible teacher the late Norvel Hayes imparts radical faith to help you receive your miracle despite insurmountable odds.

How to Live and Not Die offers every Christian facing a hopeless situation the keys to unlock their faith for a healing miracle in their body. If you have been languishing in fear, unbelief, or uncertainty, allow this book to ignite faith for your complete victory.

This book will position you to possess your miracle as you:
  • Discover God’s plan for your health and healing
  • Unleash your miracle through worship
  • Turn your hopeless situations around
  • Exercise authority that cannot be denied
  • Drive out despair and size your victory

You have an enduring promise of abundant life! As you focus your attention on Jesus and His Word, you will live and not die.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Rod Parsley
Introduction by Alan DiDio
Author’s Original Introduction
Chapter 1: Good Things Come from God to You
Chapter 2: First Things First – Worship
Chapter 3: God’s Will is Praying
Chapter 4: Get Scriptures to Cover Your Case
Chapter 5: Do What the Holy Spirit Says
Chapter 6: Keep God’s Word Before Your Eyes
Chapter 7: It Takes Only One Verse of Scripture
Chapter 8: Talk Right
Chapter 9: Confession Brings You Possession
Chapter 10: God Will Send You on Missions for Him
Chapter 11: You Take Authority Over the Devil
Chapter 12: You Must Say “No” to the Devil
Chapter 13: Be the Head of Your House
Chapter 14: Show God You Trust Him
Chapter 15: Stick Close to the Blessings
Chapter 16: Stick Close to the Gifts of the Spirit
Chapter 17: Stick Close to the Laying on of Hands
Chapter 18: Put the Gospel First
Chapter 19: Face to Face with Total Victory
Chapter 20: Jesus Wants to Heal You Now
About Norvel Hayes
About Alan DiDio

About the Author:
The late Norvel Hayes was an internationally renowned Bible teacher, successful businessman, and founder of several Christian ministries. Among them, he founded New Life Bible College, New Life Bible Church, and New Life Maternity Home all located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Rev. Hayes authored more than 20 books on faith, deliverance, healing and other topics, teaching how to live a powerful and abundant Christian life.