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Grace of Healing
Grace of Healing by Bob Yandian

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Author: Bob Yandian
Subtitle: Revealing God's Heart to Heal
Format: Paperback
Length: 157 Pages
Published: 2020

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Do you have questions about divine healing? How does it work? What is required? How much faith is necessary?

In The Grace of Healing, pastor, author, and renowned Bible teacher Bob Yandian answers these questions while revealing the missing ingredient to the healing you’ve been praying for – grace!

Over the course of church history, the doctrines of grace and faith have been taken to separate extremes as they relate to healing. The result is that many believers struggle to understand or receive healing from God. Those on the side of grace deny the need for faith, believing that God only heals a select few. For those who only see a need for faith, the pursuit of healing becomes a legalistic struggle to change God’s mind.

But Pastor Bob take a different approach, offering practical and straight to the point biblical teaching that balances the elements of grace and faith – so your health can spring forth speedily.

You’ll find the healing you’ve been waiting for when you find the missing ingredient of grace!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Rick Renner
Chapter 1: Two Words That Say It All
Chapter 2: The Healing Lamb
Chapter 3: The Bible: Health, Exercise, and Nutrition
Chapter 4: You Cannot Add to God’s Perfect Plan
Chapter 5: Everyone of Everything
Chapter 6: That It Might be Fulfilled
Chapter 7: The Year of Jubilee
Chapter 8: The Communion Elements
Chapter 9: Compassion and Healing
Chapter 10: Back to Adam
Salvation by Grace through Faith

About the Author:
Bob Yandian pastored Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for 33 years. In 2013, he began a new phase of ministry and passed the pastoral baton to his son, Robb. Bob’s mission is to train up a new generation in the Word of God through his “Student of the Word” broadcast and ministering at Bible schools, ministers’ conferences, and churches. Bob is a graduate of Trinity Bible College and has served as instructor and Dean of Instructors at Rhema Bible Training Center. Called a “pastor’s pastor,” Bob established the School of the Local Church that has trained and sent hundreds of ministers to churches and mission organizations around the world.