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Dark Secret of GAOTU
Dark Secret of GAOTU by Ana Mendez Ferrell

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Author: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Subtitle: Shattering the Deception of Freemasonry
Format: Paperback
Length: 276 Pages
Published: 2011

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Freemasonry is the worlds most ancient, secret organization. Its occult influence has infiltrated into almost every area of modern society. Presidents, religious and social leaders, are ruled by a world beneath the surface.

In this insightful study based on original texts from the Order, Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell exposes the fraudulent teachings woven into Freemasonry. She reveals its origin and progression throughout history and the dreadful consequences suffered, not only by those who participate in its lodges, but also by their family members from generation to generation. This book will open your eyes to truths you would never have imagined surrounded you.

Your life may be under the influence of Masonic Curses that you arent even aware of. In this book, you will find the keys to identify them and cast them off. If you are a Mason, this may be the most important book that has ever come into your hands. If anybody in your family, ancestry, or a spiritual or work-related authority is, or has been a Mason you need this study. This book is written for those who diligently seek The Truth and desire to have an understanding of the spiritual and physical implications of Freemasonry on their or their loved-ones lives.

Table of Contents

An Important Word from the Author

Chapter 1: Freemasonry Uncovered

Chapter 2: The Principle of Deity

Chapter 3: The Principle of What is True and What is False

Chapter 4: The Great Babylon and Freemasonrys Secret Plan

Chapter 5: The Temple of Solomon and the Masonic Lodge

Chapter 6: Masonic Symbolism

Chapter 7: Masonic Oaths

Chapter 8: Real Testimonies of Initiations

Chapter 9: The Rite of the Great Orient of France

Chapter 10: How to be Free from Freemasonry and Its Influence



About the Author

With a Doctorate of Theology from the University of California, Ana Mendez Ferrell is known internationally for her deep understanding of the Word of God. Her life has been widely used in the area of deliverance. She has helped thousands of people find freedom from the ravages of the Occult, depression, and generational curses, which affect the lives of so many around the world. Through her ministry, her books and conferences, Ana Mendez Ferrell trains and quips thousands in more than 50 countries, about the true power of God.