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Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers
Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers by Larry Kreider

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Author: Larry Kreider
Subtitle: The Next Generation Needs You to Be a Spiritual Mentor
Format: Paperback
Length: 219 Pages
Published: 2014

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You probably have more “friends” than ever – once you tally up all your social networking connections. But virtual relationships alone can’t meet the Church’s desperate need for spiritually mature women and men to mentor younger believers to be faithful servants of Christ.

If you are like many believers, you may not feel prepared to be a trusted influencer because you haven’t had a spiritual mother or father yourself. The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers, written by seasoned disciple and Christian leadership trainer Larry Kreider, will give you the proven biblical keys you need to become a godly mentor. Discover why spiritual mother and fatherhood is every believer’s calling, and find out how to nurture a spiritual family that expands the kingdom of God.

This is the essential handbook for answering God’s call to become the spiritual father or mother He has called you to be.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Floyd McClung
A Note from the Author
Part 1: Understanding the Importance of Spiritual Mothering and Fathering
Chapter 1: Calling All Believers – Key: Everyone is called to be a spiritual mother or father
Chapter 2: Making a Spiritual Investment – Key: Spiritual children are our inheritance
Chapter 3: Becoming a Spiritual Family – Key: Spiritual parenting involves family-type relationships as a way of life
Chapter 4: Growing to Spiritual Parenthood – Key: There are three stages of growth for every believer
Part 2: Becoming a Spiritual Mother or Father
Chapter 5: Looking for a Spiritual Parent Relationship – Key: If you do not have a spiritual parent, begin by becoming one
Chapter 6: Finding Security in the Father’s Love – Key: Only God can meet your need for a father’s love
Chapter 7: Healing the Past – Key: God can heal past wounds and restore His people for service
Chapter 8: Expanding the Number of Spiritual Parents – Key: Multiple spiritual parents produce multiple spiritual parents
Part 3: Practical Insights for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers
Chapter 9: Copying the Jesus Model – Key: You need to initiate and build a relationship and then release your spiritual daughter or son
Chapter 10: Developing as a Spiritual Parent – Key: You need to develop the kind of spiritual parenting relationship your spiritual son or daughter needs
Chapter 11: Making Decisions as a Spiritual Parent – Key: You should help your spiritual daughter or son make wise decisions
Chapter 12: Avoiding Pitfalls – Key: You must trust God and be wise in all your relationships
Chapter 13: Releasing Your Spiritual Children – Key: When the time is right, you need to let your spiritual daughters and sons fly!
Chapter 14: Answering Your Call to Spiritual Parenthood – Key: God has called you, so what are you waiting for?
A Final Challenge
Epilogue: The Progression of Impartation
About the Author


Larry Kreider has identified the key issue in the Church world today: Will the Church become a parenting force to impart health to a broken world? The implications of the spirit of fathering affect every area of personal and corporate spiritual life. There is an urgent call today for relationships that provide healthy spiritual nurture and authority. God is calling us to actively give ourselves to both being spiritually fathered as well as becoming spiritual fathers. Larry Kreider not only teaches on spiritual fathering, he is a spiritual father – and through his words, the Lord calls us to maturity.
Robert Stearns, Founder and Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings

There are a few significant books on my bookshelf about the important issue of spiritual fathering and mothering, but none of them tops this one. Larry Kreider has reached into the storehouse of his unique experience and insight to offer us what will no doubt become a new standard on the subject. Because Larry’s understanding of the role of spiritual parents in the family of God is so profound, I enthusiastically recommend this book to you.
David Cannistraci, Senior Pastor, GateWay City Church, San Jose, California

Larry Kreider is a spiritual father! In his book, he not only extends a call to those who have a heart to train and establish others, but shares practical wisdom that helps one generation establish the next. This book provides how-to blueprints and challenges all of us need to more beyond our dysfunctional and abusive relationship building for a new generation. The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers will help you to develop a new lifestyle – after all, we are always influencing someone.
Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion Intl. Ministries

About the Author:

Larry Kreider is the founder and international director of DOVE Christian Fellowship International (DCFI), a worldwide network of churches and ministries dedicated to advancing God’s kingdom on six continents. He has written more than 30 books, including House to House, The Biblical Foundation Series, Building Your Personal House of Prayer, Starting a House Church and Speak Lord, I’m Listening. Larry and his wife, LaVerne, have been married for 42 years, have four children and three grandchildren, and live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.