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Like Father, Like Son
Like Father, Like Son by Don Atkin

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Author: Don Atkin
Subtitle: How to Disciple Sons for God
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2012

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The very thing that is so desperately needed in our day is strongly opposed by the orphan culture, the spirit of independence, and prevailing systems of religion.

Discipleship has had a bad rap for more than forty years. Yet, it is the clear command of Jesus. It was the passion and first priority in His earthly walk, and the last thing spoken to His disciples.

Jesus in me has shared this passion with me for more than forty years. Spiritual sons are literally discipling the nations today.

What I’ve learned is written in this book with the hope that you will be inspired to obey Him.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: God’s Intention for His Creation
Chapter 1: Creation’s Cry
Chapter 2: The Plague of Fatherlessness
Chapter 3: The Creator’s Family Plan
Chapter 4: Disciplining the Nations One Person at a Time
Chapter 5: Husbands and Wives
Chapter 6: Fathers and Mothers
Chapter 7: Father God and Mother Church
Chapter 8: Father’s Loving Discipline
Chapter 9: Father’s Ways
Chapter 10: Righteous Judgment
Chapter 11: Not Many Fathers
Chapter 12: Many Sons

Part 2: Practical Application
Chapter 13: A Personal Testimony
Chapter 14: The Fine Art of Obedience
Chapter 15: Jesus’ Example
Chapter 16: Personal Disciplines
Chapter 17: Family Disciplines
Chapter 18: Social Disciplines
Chapter 19: Fiscal Disciplines
Chapter 20: Ministry Disciplines
Chapter 21: Preparing Ourselves To Serve Others
Chapter 22: The Place of Prayer in Discipling Others
Chapter 23: Seasons of Ministry Training
Chapter 24: The Great Commandment
Appendix 1: The Resurrection Plumbline
Appendix 2: Connecting the Dots