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Spirit of Sonship
Spirit of Sonship by John Kingsley Alley

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Author: John Kingsley Alley
Subtitle: An Apostolic Grace
Format: Paperback
Length: 271 Pages
Published: 2015

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The “spirit of sonship” is an apostolic grace which brings about the spiritual maturity of the believer, the revival of apostolic Christianity and ultimately, the maturity of the church.

This important book reveals that the values and heart attitudes of what we may call the spirit of sonship is the very nature and essence of authentic apostolic New Testament Christianity.

You will discover a fresh approach to understanding and walking in grace, through relationships. The subject is huge, and wonderful; the whole of the Scriptures and all of salvation history must now be seen in the light of sonship and its implications.

Table of Contents:
Opening Remarks by the Author
Chapter 1: A Discovery of Grace
Chapter 2: God as Father and Son
Chapter 3: Jesus the Apostle of the Father
Chapter 4: What is Apostolic Christianity?
Chapter 5: The Apostolic Grace of Sonship
Chapter 6: The Spirit of Sonship
Chapter 7: The Wineskin of the New Covenant
Chapter 8: Generational Blessing
Chapter 9: The Apostolic Blessing
Chapter 10: Pursuing a Spiritual Father
Chapter 11: The Orphan Heart
Chapter 12: Trusting and Imitating Leaders
Chapter 13: Honoring Our Fathers
Chapter 14: The Expansive Bonds of Love
Chapter 15: Relational Boundaries
Chapter 16: Love and Spiritual Fathers
Chapter 17: A Final Word
Postscript: Personal Outcomes

About the Author:
John Alley is the Senior Minister of Peace Apostolic Ministries, a group which includes missions, churches, and schools, both Australian and international. He is based with a great team of people in Rockhampton, QLD, who together travel and minister throughout the world. John is a fatherly man who carries genuine spiritual authority with peace and gentleness. With a God-given ability to explain things clearly, he brings understanding of the Scriptures and spiritual truth within reach of all.