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Closing the Door to Demons
Closing the Door to Demons by Joanna Adams

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Author: Joanna Adams
Subtitle: Deliverance Strategies to Staying Free
Format: Paperback
Length: 173 Pages
Published: 2020

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Can a Christian have a demon? Do believers need ongoing deliverance? If so, how do you receive it?

Joanna Adams offers biblical insight on common questions believers have about deliverance and demonic oppression.

When you become a Christian, your spirit is saved, but your soul – your mind, will, and emotions – still needs to be transformed. While evil spirits cannot touch a believer’s spirit, they can harass and torment your soul. To continually walk in the freedom that Jesus purchased, it is vital for Christians to practice self-deliverance.

Joanna Adams has many years of experience in helping believers break free of demonic oppression, leading them into true inner healing. In this book, she offers powerful deliverance strategies for every Christian.

Her profound insights will help you:
  • Identify and close demonic access points in your life.
  • Break cycles of sin, addiction, and depression.
  • Lead others to experience the joy of true deliverance.

It’s time to get free and stay free!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. Russ Moyer
Introduction: My Personal Freedom Experience
Chapter 1: Can a Christian Have a Demon?
Chapter 2: How Do Demon Spirits Enter?
Chapter 3: What Is Deliverance?
Chapter 4: Forgiveness? I Thought I Did That
Chapter 5: Did I Say That? There's Power in the Tongue
Chapter 6: What Can Bock My Freedom?
Chapter 7: What Are the Types of Spirits?
Chapter 8: Do Children Need Deliverance?
Chapter 9: Can Spirits Affect Me After Being Cast Out?
Chapter 10: How Do I Maintain My Freedom?
Chapter 11: What Do I Do Next?
Appendix A: Salvation and Deliverance Prayers
Appendix B: How to Maintain Your Freedom Summary
Appendix C: Deliverance Resources


Closing the Door to Demons will challenge your mindset and bring much-needed revelation to those struggling to live the life of freedom that Christ came to give. Complete liberty is possible, and this book shows you how!
Rene McIntyre, Founder, President and Senior Pastor, Trumpet of Truth Christian Ministries

Joanna Adams clearly explains how doors can be opened to demonic powers operating in our lives, as well as how to apply the blood of Jesus to rid ourselves of them. I have never seen such power in a corporate deliverance setting than when Joanna came to our church. She spoke to a full crowd and prayed with power and authority for individuals to be free from demonic strongholds. All of heaven broke loose! Now you can read the truths she gained in the secret place and from her years of effective ministry in her book. Joanna’s ministry has affected not only my life but the lives of my family. I highly esteem her as a friend, minister, and anointed woman of God.
Patricia Bootsma, Senior Associate Pastor, Catch the Fire, Toronto

About the Author:
Joanna Adams is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. As the deliverance director at Eagle Worldwide Ministries, she has a heart to see the captives set free. Joanna has firsthand experience helping Christians receive freedom through personal deliverance ministry. She leads freedom and healing conferences worldwide. She is also a round table member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers. Joanna and her husband, Derek, are the senor pastors of Eagles’ Nest Fellowship in Ancaster, ON, Canada. They travel internationally, bringing freedom to the oppressed, healing to the sick and prophetic words to the body of Christ. Joanna is grateful for God’s precious gift – her wonderful son, Malachi.