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Freedom from the Spirit of Rejection
Freedom from the Spirit of Rejection by Elizabeth Fondong

Price: $19.99
Author: Elizabeth Fondong
Subtitle: Receiving the Father's Love, Rejecting the Enemy's Lies
Format: Paperback
Length: 133 Pages
Published: 2021

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Imagine….Kings and Queens rolling in pig pens and slumming with the enemy!

That’s what Eve did….that’s what we did, and that’s what the body of Christ does when we believe the enemy’s lies and REJECT the Father’s Love for us.

  • Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in?
  • Is it difficult to receive compliments?
  • Do you find yourself hiding within your “works”?
  • Do you crave the approval of others?

Known as a “Silent Killer”, the sting of rejection is the underlying problem to so many areas of our lives. It attacks our identity, our mentality; manifesting into unloving and selfish actions that ruin us and our relationships with others. In this book, Dr. Elizabeth Fondong deeply shares her own story of rejection, and takes us through tangible deliverance, healing, freedom and REVELATORY INSIGHT from the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever felt stuck in the ordinary? Well, there’s good news! You were made for so much more! It’s time to set that extraordinary person free!

You will be exhorted, challenged, ministered to, loved on, and discover your own healing is waiting for you on the other side of rejection into the Father’s arms of wholeness and love! Break free from the shame, the torment and the fear of rejection! Receive the wholeness of the soul and your restoration back to royalty! You will return back into the Heavenly Father’s arms of perfect love!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Michael VanVlymen
Chapter 1: Freedom from the Spirit of Rejection
Chapter 2: God’s Original Plan: Walking Hand in Hand with Your Father
Chapter 3: Coming Out of the Land of Affliction
Chapter 4: The Father’s Wishlist Beyond Hand in Hand
Chapter 5: The Operation Manual of the Spirit of Rejection
Chapter 6: Manifestations of the Spirit of Rejection
Chapter 7: Giving Sight to the Blind
Chapter 8: Loving God, Loving Self, and Loving Neighbor
Chapter 9: From the Land of Scarcity to the Land of Abundance
Chapter 10: Exodus from the Land of Lies and Deception
Chapter 11: Come As You Are: Gather Around the Father’s Love
Chapter 12: The Nobody to Help Trap
Chapter 13: How the Spirit of Rejection Comes In
Chapter 14: Time to Forgive
Chapter 15: Destroying the Man-Made Strongholds
Chapter 16: Changing Your Spiritual Address
Chapter 17: Eviction Notice
Chapter 18: Behold, I am Doing a New Thing
Chapter 19: God’s Purpose for Your Deliverance
Chapter 20: He’s Looking for You

About the Author:
Elizabeth Fondong, MD, PhD, promotes healing and wellness in her calling and professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr. Elizabeth is the proud mother to four precious children, one of her greatest joys in life. She enjoys teaching and ministering on salvation, healing, and deliverance alongside her husband.