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Living on the Third River
Living on the Third River by Craig Hill

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Author: Craig Hill
Subtitle: A Parable of God's Financial Provision
Format: Paperback
Length: 68 Pages

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Arsenal Note

This is the best book we have come across that deals with the spirit of Mammon and compares it to a biblical, Kingdom economic system. We highly recommend it.

Living on the Third River shares biblical principles relating to God's financial provision using a parable about three men living on different rivers. The parable is laid out in chapter one and then explained throughout the remaining chapters of the book. Living on the Third River will help you to see:

  • Do you have "Sparrow Faith?"
  • How do you handle God's provision?
  • Are you ready to receive more of God's resources to channel into His Kingdom?

You'll want to read this book to find out along which river you are living. You'll want to give it to your friends to encourage them to move to the Third River.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: On Which River Do You Live (the parable)

Chapter 2: Does the Bible Talk About Money

Chapter 3: Intent of the Spirit of Mammon

Chapter 4: Influence of the Spirit of Mammon

Chapter 5: Sparrow Faith

Chapter 6: Know Your Place of Provision

Chapter 7: Living On the Third River

Chapter 8: Wealth Riches and Money