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Grace of Giving
Grace of Giving by Che Ahn

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Author: Che ahn
Subtitle: Unleashing the Power of a Generous Heart
Format: Paperback
Length: 283 Pages
Published: 2013

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Prosperity begins with generosity.  According to Scripture, God desires to
prosper His people – but the Bible’s emphasis is not on amassing personal
wealth.  God’s people are called to
cultivate generous hearts that reflect His giving nature and His desire to
bless us.

Che Ahn shows how to repent of the hindrances in your
mind and heart that tempt you to grasp at wealth in self-defeating ways.  The Holy Spirit will replace your anxiety
surrounding money with trust in God’s provision.  In His love, the Father is extending an
invitation to discover how a generous heart will transform you and restore His
kingdom on earth.  And as you learn to
bless others and give generously with complete trust in the Father’s limitless
generosity, you ill experience the prosperity promised in God’s Word!

Table of Contents:


Foreword by Bill Johnson

Section 1: Know the MOs

Chapter 1: Your Father God Loves You

Chapter 2: God’s Favorite Love Story

Chapter 3: Your Father Is a Giver

Chapter 4: Divine Charades: The MO of Father God

Chapter 5: The Original Design: Our First MO

Chapter 6: A Generation of Orphans: Our Broken MO

Chapter 7: Like Father Like Son

Section 2: God Wants You to Prosper

Chapter 8: God Wants You to Prosper

Chapter 9: Prosperity . . . for What?

Chapter 10: Can God Afford It?

Chapter 11: The Power Twins: Believe and Receive

Chapter 12: A Divine Airline Reservation

Chapter 13: The Power of Contentment

Section 3: You Prosper as Your Soul Prospers

Chapter 14: The Mind-Heart Connection

Chapter 15: Soul Searching: What’s Your PQ?

Chapter 16: A Master Key to the Kingdom

Chapter 17: A Spanner for the Soul

Section 4: Prosperity Robbers’ Most Wanted List

Chapter 18: The Spirit of Poverty

Chapter 19: The “Wisdom” of Poverty

Chapter 20: Additional “Wisdom” from Poverty

Chapter 21: Wasn’t Jesus Poor?

Chapter 22: Breaking the Poverty Curse: Personal

Chapter 23: The Stronghold of Mammon

Chapter 24: The Many Faces of Mammon

Chapter 25: Disarming the Prosperity Robbers

Section 5: The Universal Laws of Prosperity

Chapter 26: Ask Any Farmer

Chapter 27: Sowing and Reaping Prosperity: Part 1

Chapter 28: Sowing and Reaping Prosperity: Part 2

Chapter 29: Let’s Talk Fertilizer

Chapter 30: The Right Stuff

Section 6: Becoming a Christlike Giver

Chapter 31: Just Who Is Lord?

Chapter 32: The Grace of Christlike Giving

Chapter 33: The Giving Heart

Chapter 34: The MO of the Christlike Giver

Chapter 35: Guidelines for Giving

Chapter 36: Lending to the Lord

Section 7: The Transforming Power of Grace

Chapter 37: God’s Fifth Column

About the Author


This book will equip you to break free from a poverty
spirit to live the abundant life Jesus died for you to have.  As God is our Great Provider, Che
demonstrates that a prosperous soul has much more to do with our perspective of
God than it does with money.  May The
Grace of Giving inspire new levels of generosity and deepen your understanding
of God’s great love for you.

Heidi Baker, Founding Director, Iris Global

The Grace of Giving is a seminal work and a life-long
learning manual on discovering how to live in the Father’s love, share the
Father’s heart, and go on a giving journey with Him that will transform your
life and everyone with who you come into contact.  Digest every word and take time to work
through every area where the culture of the twenty-first century may have
robbed you of living in the culture of the Father’s house.  Thank you, Pastor Che, for being the voice
you are to the Body of Christ and for teaching us about how amazingly good the
Father is to us!

Mark Chironna, Founder, Church on the Living Edge and
Mark Chironna Ministries

In The Grace of Giving, Che Ahn helps us understand the
true meaning of prosperity.  He first
lays a foundation, characterizing God as a loving father and generous
giver.  Then, through biblical and
historical references and stories from his own life, he shows us that God’s
definition of prosperity doesn’t lie in personal wealth or money but in
pursuing our Father’s heart.  If you catch
Che’s timely message, it will change your life.

Robert Morris, Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

The Grace of Giving is a radical departure from the
culture of greed that is so prevalent in our society.  In this powerful book, Che Ahn takes us on a
journey straight to the heart of our generous Father, unearths the lie of our
orphan identity, and reveals the foundational truth of our position as heirs of
the King.  This book is a must-read for
every Christian who longs to be transformed into the image of Christ in order
to change the world.  I highly recommend

Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church,
Redding, California

About the Author:

Che Ahn is senior pastor of HRock Church in Pasadena,
California, and founder and president of Harvest International Ministry, a
worldwide apostolic network with more than 15,000 churches in more than 60
nations.  He is also chancellor of the
Wagner Leadership Institute, an international network of apostolic training
centers established to equip the saints for Kingdom ministry.  He has authored numerous books, writes for
several magazines, and hosts the television program Holy Spirit Today with Che
Ahn.  He and his wife, Sue, have four grown
children and two grandchildren.