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Center Of The Universe
Center Of The Universe by Bill Johnson

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Author: Bill Johnson
Subtitle: A Look at Life From the Lighter Side
Format: Paperback
Length: 234 Pages

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Center of the Universe A Look at Life From the Lighter Side are slices of real-life experiences from a pastor to his congregation that mix real concern with real humor. From tales about fly-fishing and an uncontrollable hunting dog to a revival in Africa and healing the homeless, this compilation of 93 stories brings smiles as well as profound insight. With a very casual style and voice, author and pastor Bill Johnson shares with you as a personal friend, committed to revealing valuable lessons he learned on the lighter side of life. For instance:

Youve probably not wondered what reward the vegetable world will have in Heaven, but I have. If the first will be last and the last will be first applies to them too, I expect that mustard greens will become like good chocolate in Heaven. After all, being at the bottom of the totem pole of the vegetable world, you have nowhere to go but up. I also hear that lima beans have the inside track on being Heavens raspberries.

The enjoyable stories illustrate truths that will help you in your everyday spiritual journey through life and keep you smiling all the way.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Inside

Chapter 2: A Time for Things to Break

Chapter 3: Divine Distractions

Chapter 4: Embrace Change

Chapter 5: Preparing for Revival

Chapter 6: Good or Best?

Chapter 7: My New Dog

Chapter 8: Mustard Greens

Chapter 9: Planning

Chapter 10: Raising Dogs

Chapter 11: Stress and Rest

Chapter 12: Unstringing Our Bow

Chapter 13: Writing Letters

Chapter 14: Rez is Coming Home

Chapter 15: Simple Life

Chapter 16: Laugh

Chapter 17: The Winds of Change

Chapter 18: Explosive Under Pressure

Chapter 19: Drought Versus Winter

Chapter 20: Never Again

Chapter 21: Paper for Fire

Chapter 22: Reminders of Innocence

Chapter 23: Writing

Chapter 24: My New Toy

Chapter 25: Coffee and the Cross

Chapter 26: Limitations and Liberties

Chapter 27: Sounds of Fear or Peace

Chapter 28: True Happiness

Chapter 29: Sing a New Song

Chapter 30: Safe in the Center

Chapter 31: Finding Your Niche

Chapter 32: Fervent Prayer

Chapter 33: Discoveries in Prayer

Chapter 34: Precious

Chapter 35: Exposure Creates Interest

Chapter 36: Hearing God

Chapter 37: Imagination

Chapter 38: Quiet Time

Chapter 39: Proverbs

Chapter 40: Lessons in Prayer

Chapter 41: Watching Your Heart

Chapter 42: Keys to Hunger

Chapter 43: A Fish Story

Chapter 44: Forgiveness

Chapter 45: Braces and Baseball

Chapter 46: Hunting in the Good Old Days

Chapter 47: Loving the Undeserving

Chapter 48: TP

Chapter 49: Who We Are

Chapter 50: Beatitudes

Chapter 51: Repentance

Chapter 52: The Day the Freezer Died

Chapter 53: Cynicism

Chapter 54: My Wedding Ring

Chapter 55: Success

Chapter 56: Facing Immorality

Chapter 57: Mistakes

Chapter 58: Jumping to Conclusions

Chapter 59: Temptation

Chapter 60: Restoration

Chapter 61: Discipleship

Chapter 62: True Confession

Chapter 63: Jobs Friends

Chapter 64: True Loyalty

Chapter 65: Releasing Your Children to God

Chapter 66: Pastors of Weaverville

Chapter 67: Spiritual Roots

Chapter 68: Mothers

Chapter 69: Heroes

Chapter 70: Receiving Christs Gift

Chapter 71: Good-bye to Grandma

Chapter 72: Letters From Kids

Chapter 73: Receiving Dick Joyce

Chapter 74: Students

Chapter 75: My Children

Chapter 76: Friends

Chapter 77: Prayer in the Marketplace

Chapter 78: Good News

Chapter 79: Marketing Schemes

Chapter 80: Rain

Chapter 81: Toronto

Chapter 82: Graduation

Chapter 83: Find the Needy

Chapter 84: An Alternative, Not a Protest

Chapter 85: His Gospel

Chapter 86: Building the House

Chapter 87: Thoughts on Travel

Chapter 88: Revival in Malawi

Chapter 89: Calling Africa

Chapter 90: Love, Not Political Pressure

Chapter 91: Leaving for Bethel

Chapter 92: Good-bye to Weaverville

Chapter 93: Grieving in Change

About the Author

Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. Bill and his wife, Beni, are the senior pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. All three of their children and spouses are involved in full-time ministry. They have nine wonderful grandchildren.