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Restoration by Vivian Alderfer

Price: $19.99
Author: Vivian Alderfer
Subtitle: How to remove root causes of negative life issues
Format: 8.5" x 11" Spiral Bound
Length: 88 Pages
Published: 2019

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Have you experienced repeated failures despite your very best efforts? You can break the cycle . . .

Do you feel inhibited from changing certain life patterns? You can break through . . .

Did you ever want to just start over and do things differently? With God you can!

This guide takes you step by step into unlocking the abundant life Jesus has promised you. Follow this dynamic process and you will hear and engage with God on a whole new level.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Foundation
Part 2: Freedom Process
A: What is Freedom?
B: Key Promises of God
C: A Deeper Work of Repentance
D: Feelings Matter!
E: Sample Life Wounds
F: Forgiveness
G: The Freedom Process
H1: Sample Occult List
H2: Occult Renunciation
I: Abbreviated Masonic Renunciation
J: Abbreviated Kundalini Renunciation
K: Gateways to Demonic
L: Am I Walking in Pride?
M: Leviathan
N: Religious Spirits
O: Flesh Inventory – Strongholds
P: Unholy Soul Ties
Q1: Standing in the Gap for Myself and My Previous Generations
Q2: Standing in the Gap for Others
R: Breaking Generational Curses
S: The Courts of Heaven
T: Curses from the Council of Trent
U: Spiritual Warfare 101
About the Author


I loved Vivian’s first book, Reconstructing Lives, but even more so, Restoration: Your Personal Guide to Freedom. One of the things that I have appreciated about Vivian’s approach is that it always points to our relationship with Jesus and the Father. It is all about restoration. In the new book, she is continuously asking what God wants to be for and to us in our present circumstances. If you are ready to go deeper with the Lord and step out of the quagmire of your past, I think you will find many answers as well as practical freedom here. I have read through this whole book, but I look forward to going through it experientially and seeing what the Lord wants to reveal and release in my life. Thank you, Vivian, for producing this phenomenal book that I believe will help many to get and stay free.
Brad Herman, Arsenalbooks.com

About the Author:
Vivian Alderfer has been helping hurting souls get free from negative life patterns, strongholds, generational curses, illnesses, addictions, and demonic afflictions. Over twenty years ago she founded the ministry Set Free to Set Free with the purpose of restoration of God’s kids back to His original intentions for them. Her own personal experience of healing and restoration came about through a process of dialogue with Jesus and a deeper work of repentance which she calls The Freedom Process. The process focuses upon healing the heart and establishing intimate relationship with the Godhead. Those who have counseled with Vivian consistently report experiencing God’s love in greater ways and being dramatically changed from the inside out.