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Bodily Healing and the Atonement
Bodily Healing and the Atonement by TJ McCrossan

Price: $9.95
Author: TJ McCrossan Edited by Kenneth Hagin and Roy Hicks
Format: Paperback
Length: 95 Pages
Published: 1982

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Bodily Healing and the Atonement, a classic that was out of print for half a century, was discovered and reedited by Kenneth E. Hagin, D.D., and Roy H. Hicks, D.D. This book profoundly influenced both men early in their respective ministries. They are eager to share Dr. T. J. McCrossans inspired insights into the Greek text with you.

For example, from an in-depth study of Isaiah 53 and First Peter 2:24, Dr. McCrossan clearly proves that the original manuscripts leave no room for doubt Christ died for our sicknesses just as He died for our sins.

Rev. Hagin has commented, I believe it is the will of the Lord that McCrossans book is again available to lovers of Gods Word.

About the Author

Dr. T. J. McCrossan, noted pastor, author, Bible teacher, and highly respected Greek and Hebrew scholar, taught Greek and Hebrew languages in the Manitoba University, Manitoba, Canada, before entering the ministry. For 18 years he was the Examiner in Greek for the Presbytery of Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this period, he not only built Bethany Presbyterian Church of that city, but for 12 years pastored the historic Oliver Presbyterian Church of Minneapolis.

It was during the revolutionary ministry of Dr. Charles S. Price that Dr. McCrossan embraced the Full Gospel message, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1922. Thereafter, these two servants of God labored side by side in many evangelistic efforts, each complementing the others ministry.

About the Editors

Roy H. Hicks has been active for more than 50 years in various fields of Christian service. He served as pastor of churches in Ohio, New York, and Nebraska, during which time he also evangelized and was involved in ministry trips to several mission fields.

He is a prolific author, having written 13 books, and he is the former General Supervisor for the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. Currently Rev. Hicks is engaged in a traveling teaching ministry.

Kenneth E. Hagin was raised up from his deathbed after reading Mark 11:23-24. Later, the Lord called him to Go teach My people faith. That was more than 60 years ago.

Rev. Hagin teaches in seminars and other special meetings and over a nationwide radio broadcast, Faith Seminar of the Air. Millions of his books and tapes are in distribution worldwide. In 1974, Rev. Hagin founded RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma.