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Overcoming Blocks to Healing
Overcoming Blocks to Healing by Bill Banks

Price: $9.99
Author: Bill Banks
Format: Paperback
Length: 238 Pages
Published: 2002

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Find answers to hundreds of questions, and overcome objections to healing, such as:

  • Am I eligible for healing?
  • Do I have enough faith?
  • Is it Gods will for me to be sick, or to die?
  • What about Job?
  • What about Pauls thorn?
  • What is the role of doctors and medicine?
  • What about those who arent healed?
  • Why are Christians sick?

From the crucible of more than thirty years of healing services and the challenges of daily prayer room ministry to the sick, suffering and needy, come insights, revelations and wisdom truths that you can use to help others, and to answer those questions you thought were unanswerable.

Table of Contents

A Fellow Traveler


Authors Introduction

Chapter 1: Gods Will Regarding Healing

Chapter 2: Gods Will Was Expressed in the Atonement

Chapter 3: Satans Will Regarding Healing

Chapter 4: The Role of Man in Healing

Chapter 5: Could it be Gods Will for Me to Die

Chapter 6: Could They be Right

Chapter 7: What about Pauls Thorn in the Flesh

Chapter 8: And What About Job

Chapter 9: Do I Have Enough Faith

Chapter 10: How Desperate are You

Chapter 11: What about Doctors and Medicine

Chapter 12: Is it Time for My Healing

Chapter 13: Is Bad Theology Killing You

Chapter 14: Could I Have a Pride Block

Chapter 15: Blatant Sin Blocks Healing

Chapter 16: Unexpected Blocks

Chapter 17: Conclusion: Is There Always a Block

Appendix A: Have You Received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Appendix B: Specific Supernatural Healings in Scripture