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Believers Guide to Miracles, Healing, Impartation, and Activation
Believers Guide to Miracles, Healing by Jeff Jansen

Price: $15.99
Author: Jeff Jansen
Format: Paperback
Length: 217 Pages
Published: 2013

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Since the fall of man in the Garden, sickness has plagued mankind from generation to generation. Two thousand years ago when Christ died on the cross, He put an end to the root cause of all sickness and disease, "But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed" (Isa. 53:5 NLT). Now He has given His church the authority to release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and reinforce and display the power of the finished works of the cross. In the Believer's Guide to Miracles, Healing, Impartation and Activation you will learn how to function as a citizen of heaven and bring the healing and miracle power to the sick, lost, and needy around the world. Read it. Apply it. See the Power of God work through your life.

Table of Contents:
Lesson 1: My Personal Journey and Your Call into the Healing Ministry
Lesson 2: The Kingdom Mandate
Lesson 3: The Redemptive Nature of God
Lesson 4: The Assurance of Covenant Healing
Lesson 5: Why Miracles Happen
Lesson 6: The Working of Faith and an Atmosphere for Miracles
Lesson 7: Creative Miracles
Lesson 8: Why Miracles Don’t Happen
Lesson 9: Total Freedom from the Roots of Sickness and Disease
Lesson 10: Maintaining Your Healing
Lesson 11: Hidden with Christ in God: Soaking in the Secret Place of Power
Lesson 12: The Word of Knowledge
Lesson 13: Faith to Raise the Dead
Lesson 14: Authority Over the Demonic
Lesson 15: Your Role in the Dunamis Revival
Lesson 16: A Final Word from Jeff Jansen: Your Role in the Healing Revival

About the Author:
Jeff Jansen is an internationally known conference speaker and crusade evangelist. Jeff is also founder of Global Fire Ministries International, Kingdom Life Institute, Global Connect and Senior Pastor of the Global Fire Church and World Miracle Center located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.