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Miracle Workers Reformers and the New Mystics
Miracle Workers Reformers and the New Mystics by John Crowder

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Author: John Crowder
Subtitle: How to Become Part of the Supernatural Generation
Format: Paperback
Length: 389 Pages
Published: 2006

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Every era has produced extreme spiritual forerunners who have demonstrated supernatural experiences in their lives. But God has reserved the greatest wave of His Spirit for a radical generation who will walk the earth in these last days.

Miracle Workers, Reformers, and The New Mystics, gives you fresh perspective on the wonderworkers and visionaries of the past with more than 70 biographies and photos. Their lives served as blueprints for a company of warriors who will perform the same incredible feats and achieve even greater exploits to bring in the end-time harvest of souls. Learn how Christian mystics and revivalists like William Branham, St. John of the Cross, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Francis of Assisi, and many others changed the face of Christianity – and discover your own destiny in Christ.

You will discover how:

  • You can be part of this army
  • God is looking for people to perform these wonderworks
  • The overcoming Church will change the world
  • God’s power will be displayed through believers all over the world
You will come face to face with the power afforded to all God’s children and be challenged with determining your role in the coming revival generation.

Miracle Workers, Reformers, and The New Mystics is a call to all those who love Him and await His appearing. It is a call to you.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Postmodern Prophets
Sadhu Sundar Singh
St. Anselm of Canterbury

Chapter 2: The Forerunners
St. Maurice and the Theban Legion
St. Denis
St. Fulcian and St. Victorice
St. Nectan
St. Nicasius

Chapter 3: Desert Voices
St. Anthony and Abbot
Mahesh Chavda
St. Augustine of Hippo

Chapter 4: Nature Mystics
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Herman of Alaska
Lonnie Frisbee

Chapter 5: Hidden Streams
St. Patrick
Seraphim of Sarov
John Alexander Dowie

Chapter 6: Power Missions
St. Francis Xavier
David Hogan
Heidi Baker

Chapter 7: Bizarre Miracles
St. Bernard of Clarivaux
St. Luke the Younger
St. Joseph of Cupertino
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Christina the Astonishing
Mel Tari

Chapter 8: Reformation
The Cevennes Prophets
Emperor Constantine
George Fox

Chapter 9: Ancient Pathways
Brother Lawrence
Todd Bentley
Madame Jeanne Guyon
Jan van Ruysbroeck
St. John of the Cross

Chapter 10: Joel’s Army
Charles Finney
The Moravians
The Methodists
Hugh Bourne
George Whitefield
Jonathan Edwards

Chapter 11: Enter the Healer
Maria Woodworth-Etter
Evan Roberts
Stephen Jeffreys
Charles Fox Parham
Edward Irving
William Seymour
Smith Wigglesworth
James Salter
Aimee Semple McPherson
Dr. Charles Price

Chapter 12: Voice of Healing
William Branham
Gordon Lindsay
Oral Roberts
Jack Coe
T.L. Osborn
F.F. Bosworth
Raymond T. Richey
William Freeman
Tommy Hicks
David Nunn
A.A. Allen
O.L. Jaggers
Marjoe Gortner

Chapter 13: Mystery
Roland Buck
Finis Dake
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John Crowder’s new book takes the hunger you have in your heart to see the miraculous and ignites it on fire. He stretches your vision to believe for mind blowing miracles, signs, and wonders to follow your life today. John paints a beautiful picture of how the mystics of old helped prepare the way for the new generation of miracle workers that the Lord is raising up in this hour. You will be challenged and inspired as you devour each page of this book. The planet is waiting for the miracle workers to come forth and display His glory everywhere.
Jason Phillips, President, Revival Town Ministries

John Crowder’s book, Miracle Workers, Reformers, and The New Mystics, is both enlightening and inspiring as he chronicles the radical forerunners of history who have paved the way for the moving of the Spirit in each generation. God is indeed raising up a radical new breed of revivalists who will inspire, confront, reform and help usher in a new wave of God’s glory and power into the earth. Your heart will be captured with a passion to pay whatever price necessary to be a carrier of His glory in these last days!
Matt Sorger, Matt Sorger Ministries

About the Author:

John Crowder is an itinerate revivalist, ministering in churches, conferences, and events worldwide. John is a writer and founder of Sons of Thunder Publications. He carries a vision for global revival, with a strong focus on prophetic, healing, and miracle evangelism.