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Healing the Shattered Soul
Healing the Shattered Soul by James Hanley and C. Tracy Kayser

Price: $15.99
Author: James Hanley and C. Tracy Kayser
Subtitle: Becoming the Person God Intended
Format: Paperback
Length: 221 Pages
Published: 2012

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Tracy Kayser and James Hanley share real life stories of deliverance from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear, rage, obsessive compulsions, panic attacks, demonic strongholds, same sex attraction and trauma from child abuse.

James Hanley, pastor of Moriah Ministries, shares his experience and techniques gleaned from over 20 years in deliverance and inner healing. In addition to working with individuals, his heart’s desire is to equip and train church ministries and professional counselors in bringing freedom to spiritual captives.

Tracy Kayser tells her story of deliverance from same se attraction, isolation, depression, panic attacks, and her struggles to finally secure her freedom after years of counseling and spiritual searching. Tracy currently enjoys a blossoming legal practice while still praying and counseling with others on a weekly basis. Having received freedom, she willingly desires to share with others.

Table of Contents:
Table of Figures
Preface: Beginning the Journey
Introduction: The Wounded Soul
Part 1: Understanding Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 1: theology of Satan and Demons
Chapter 2: Enemy Attack
Chapter 4: Discerning Demonic Symptoms
Chapter 4: 10 Myths of Demonization
Chapter 5: Christians Can Be Demonized

Part 2: Understanding Fortresses
Chapter 1: Dissociation
Chapter 2: Bubble Theory
Chapter 3: Tracy’s Adult Struggles
Chapter 4: Symptoms of Dissociation
Chapter 5: Tracy’s Spiritual Search
Chapter 6: Tearing Down Fortresses

Parr 3: Tearing Down Fortress Walls
Chapter 1: The Healing Path
Chapter 2: Exceptions to an Inner Child Dissociation
Chapter 3: Importance of Forgiveness
Chapter 4: Tracy’s Inner Healing Begins

Part 4: Casting Out Demons
Chapter 1: Dealing with Demons
Chapter 2: Tracy’s Story – The Deliverance Path
Afterword: A Final Note of Encouragement