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Broken to Whole
Broken to Whole by Multiple Contributing Authors

Price: $17.99
Author: Multiple Contributing Authors
Subtitle: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul
Format: Paperback
Length: 297 Pages
Published: 2017

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Why aren’t you healed? Do you ever feel like you continually struggle with certain emotions? Maybe you’ve tried counseling or various ministries, yet no matter what you do, nothing works.

If traditional prayer and deliverance hasn’t cut it, you might be dealing with soul fragments. When we experience a traumatizing event, part of our coping strategy is to wall off a little piece of ourselves in order to contain that emotion. We then go on with life. A fragment is that part of you that’s been locked away, inaccessible to healing, until now.

This book is a game changer in how you’ll look at inner healing. We aren’t going to beat the drum for repentance and forgiveness although those are beneficial and necessary. Instead, we have made every effort to tell you something you don’t know so that you can fill in your missing pieces.

But let’s be honest. Going into the depths of your soul might seem a little scary. After all, you did shut that door for a reason. The whole prospect of working with fragments might feel over your head. Don’t worry, we explain in plain English a variety of techniques and exercises, with loads of real-life examples, and Jesus ode all the work. You don’t have to relive your trauma, remember any complicated protocol, or feel like you’re losing control.

Let’s get you on your way to wholeness!

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Trauma 101
Chapter 1: Sam: Trauma and How Parts Are Formed
Chapter 2: Diane: Introduction to Fragments
Chapter 3: Matt: Heading off the Beaten Path
Chapter 4: Seneca: I’m Not as Weird as I Think
Chapter 5: Michael: Signs You Might Have Fragments
Chapter 6: Seneca: Physical Manifestations of Emotional Trauma
Chapter 7: Matt: Where Do All These Parts Come From?

Section 2: How to Get in Touch with Fragments
Chapter 8: Using Your Gifts and Imagination
Chapter 9: Seneca: Identifying Parts Through Dreams
Chapter 10: Matt: Basics of How I Minister to Parts
Chapter 11: Diane: My Approach to Healing Fragments
Chapter 12: Sam: Storage Cubby Cleansing
Chapter 13: Michael: A Few of My Techniques
Chapter 14: Sam: Some Caveats to Working Alone

Section 3: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Chapter 15: Matt: Healing from Tragedy
Chapter 16: Sam: Two-for-One Healing
Chapter 17: Matt: My Explanation of Guardians and Protectors
Chapter 18: Matt: Lessons from Jenn’s Process
Chapter 19: Matt: Reaching Demonized, Aggressive, Jesus-Hating Parts
Chapter 20: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
Chapter 21: Diane: Traveling in the Spirit to Heal Parts
Chapter 22: Matt: Abby’s Story – Complications and Human Spirits
Chapter 23: Matt: How to Minister to Others and How Not to
Chapter 24: Seneca: Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
Chapter 25: Michael: Transfer Agreements

Section 4: The Heavy Stuff – SRA and DID
Chapter 26: Diane: In-Depth Explanation of Alters
Chapter 27: Ruby: Coming Out of the Bonds of SRA and Freemasonry
About the Authors

Written by: Seneca Schurbon, Diane Moyer, Michael C. King, Matt Evans, Sam R. Brewster and Ruby Hunter