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Balaam's God
Balaam's God by Jonathan Ammon

Price: $12.99
Author: Jonathan Ammon
Subtitle: Prophetic Insights from an Infamous Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 209 Pages
Published: 2019

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In the story of the talking donkey from the book of Numbers, Balaam gives incredible prophetic insights and faces a battle of wills with Yahweh, the Creator of the universe. But in the New Testament, he serves as the primary example of a false prophet. Even so, he wasn’t a false prophet in the way that many of us would define one today.

In this shocking and often misunderstood story, God reveals the hidden depths of Balaam’s powers, the source of his accurate prophetic insight, and the weaknesses that led him astray. Despite Balaam’s terrible reputation in the New Testament, outside the New Testament, he is viewed as one of the greatest diviners in all antiquity. The biblical text and context reveal the nature of his gifs and powers as well as his character. And we see important connections between Balaam and both the true and false prophets of today.

Balaam’s story doesn’t end after his last oracle in the book of Numbers but continues into the book of Revelation and even into today. In these pages, you will discover the keys to Balaam’s communication with God, how God flipped divination into pure prophecy, and how to turn from Balaam’s ways to be a true mouthpiece of Yahweh.

Table of Contents:
Introducing Balaam
Chapter 1: The Story Begins
Chapter 2: Who Was Balaam?
Chapter 3: Defining Divination
Chapter 4: Balaam Meets Yahweh
Chapter 5: Balaam’s Donkey
Chapter 6: Balaam’s First Oracle
Chapter 7: Balaam’s Second Oracle
Chapter 8: Balaam’s Third Oracle
Chapter 9: Balaam’s Final Words
Chapter 10: Balaam’s Final Actions
Chapter 11: Balaam’s End
Chapter 12: Balaam’s Way
Epilogue: The True Prophet of God
Appendix: Balaam’s Fourth Oracle: An Exegetical Analysis of Numbers 24:12-19
Selected Bibliography
From the Author
About the Author

About the Author:
Jonathan Ammon is also the author of Prophetic Transformation, The Power of His Reign, and a contributor to the Paid in Full and Voice of God training manuals. His writing focuses on holiness and faithfully earing and proclaiming God’s message. He and his wife live in South Asia.