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Awesome by Dick Eastman

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Author: Dick Eastman
Subtitle: Exploring the Nature and Names of Jesus
Format: Hardcover
Length: 224 Pages
Published: 2021

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Challenged by a friend to describe Jesus as He is – not as He was or will be in coming days – Dick Eastman found himself stammering. What followed over many moths was a desire to get to know the Savior who had changed his life, but in a much fuller and richer way – now! Tucking folded scraps of paper into his pockets, Eastman found himself gathering adjectives describing the nature and character of Jesus Christ, expanding them later into a personal devotional journal.

Reflecting that spiritual journey, this book of insights will challenge you to see Jesus as you might never have seen Him before. Within each day of this 31-day exploration, Eastman offers a Scripture, a short exposition, insights from Christian leaders, a prayer and practical application to help you see Jesus as He is. This approach to exploring the nature and names of the Son of God will help deepen your faith and bring you closer to your Savior than you believed possible. You, too, will find Jesus awesome!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Mark Batterson
A Call to the Heights
A Month in the Son

Chapter 1: The Supreme Jesus
Chapter 2: The Awesome Jesus
Chapter 3: The Beautiful Jesus
Chapter 4: The Creative Jesus
Chapter 5: The Human Jesus
Chapter 6: The Divine Jesus
Chapter 7: The Obedient Jesus
Chapter 8: The Suffering Jesus
Chapter 9: The Resurrected Jesus
Chapter 10: The Ascended Jesus
Chapter 11: The Humble Jesus
Chapter 12: The Compassionate Jesus
Chapter 13: The Merciful Jesus
Chapter 14: The Abiding Jesus
Chapter 15: The Spotless Jesus
Chapter 16: The Missional Jesus
Chapter 17: The Authoritative Jesus
Chapter 18: The Praying Jesus
Chapter 19: The Faithful Jesus
Chapter 20: The Miraculous Jesus
Chapter 21: The Worthy Jesus
Chapter 22: The Righteous Jesus
Chapter 23: The Selfless Jesus
Chapter 24: The Victorious Jesus
Chapter 25: The Joyful Jesus
Chapter 26: The Returning Jesus
Chapter 27: The Glorious Jesus
Chapter 28: The Steadfast Jesus
Chapter 29: The Preeminent Jesus
Chapter 30: The Eternal Jesus
Chapter 31: The Incomparable Jesus

About the Author:
Dick Eastman is international president of Every Home for Christ and president of America’s National Prayer Committee. He is the originator of the Change the World School of Prayer, which has trained more than 3 million Christians in 120 nations. He is the author of more than 15 books on prayer and discipleship. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife, Dee, and is a prayer leader respected across denominations.