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Heaven Stormed
Heaven Stormed by Randy Kay

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Author: Randy Kay
Subtitle: A Heavenly Encounter Reveals Your Assignment in the End Time Outpouring and Tribulation
Format: Paperback
Length: 292 Pages
Published: 2024

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of evil in the world today? Do you long to know God's plan for these turbulent times―and your vital role in them?

After clinically dying in a hospital, Randy Kay experienced a life-altering, firsthand encounter with Jesus where he received crucial end times revelations. And now, with the last days upon us, God has given Randy renewed clarity―and urgency―of what he witnessed in Heaven.

For the first time ever, Randy reveals not only these astounding, prophetic end-of-days revelations, but also the magnitude of their significance for the unprecedented times we’re in, equipping you to fulfill your role in God’s plans for the end times.

With supernatural insight and accuracy, Randy guides you through the confusion and fear of these last days, equipping you to:

  • Discern and partner with what God is doing.
  • Discover the truth about the final days.
  • Recognize biblical prophecies being fulfilled in real time.
  • Prepare for the coming divine judgment.
  • Take your place in the end times harvest.

Yes, the last days are upon us. But it’s time to stop living in fear! Instead position yourself for the imminent Holy Spirit outpouring and step confidently into your end times Kingdom destiny!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Life Review Prequel – Dying to God and Other Ghostly Things
Chapter 1: Finding God through the Darkness
Chapter 2: Things I Would See in Heaven
Chapter 3: Old Endings, New Beginnings
Chapter 4: My Introduction to the Netherworld
Chapter 5: Even Saints Sin
Chapter 6: Relationship Versus Religion
Chapter 7: Giving Up on Religion

Part 2: Meeting Jesus in Heaven
Chapter 8: Death and the Second Heaven
Chapter 9: My Life in Review
Chapter 10: Hating God
Chapter 11: Lost Childhood Restored
Chapter 12: Angels on Assignment
Chapter 13: The Throne Room
Chapter 14: God the Father
Chapter 15: The Storm
Chapter 16: Justification

Part 3: The Last Days on Earth
Chapter 17: The Tribulation
Chapter 18: The New Earth
Chapter 19: The Return
Chapter 20: My Reunion with Jesus in Tahoe
Chapter 21: The Reveal
Chapter 22: The Last Days
Chapter 23: The Joshua Generation
Chapter 24: The Return of Jerusalem
Chapter 25: The Storm is Happening Now
Chapter 26: Tell Them
Chapter 27: Look Up
Chapter 28: Returning Home
Chapter 29: Your Assignment During the End Times

About the Author:
Randy Kay, a CEO and strategic business leader, knows firsthand through his own near-death experience how God can transform suffering into joy and pain into purpose. His breakthrough research on thriving in life has spanned several decades, uncovering practical ways to overcome trials and attain God’s purpose in your life. Randy and his wife, Renee make their home in Carlsbad, California.