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Apostolic Architecture
Apostolic Architecture by Ronald Cottle

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Author: Ronald Cottle
Subtitle: A Structural Model for the Development of Apostles, Apostolic Houses, Centers, and Hubs
Format: Paperback
Length: 119 Pages
Published: 2017

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Times are changing in the world and in the Church. Since the late 1990s, a rapidly expanding Christina movement has swept across nations and continents. Identified as the New Apostolic Reformation, its adherents have become passionately involved in moving beyond traditional church models toward a more strategically focused approach to the expansion of God’s kingdom.

  • Discover the significance of apostolic leadership.
  • Learn to identify and validate leading apostles.
  • Realize the value of an apostolic strategy as a way to reach into and influence a culture.
  • Understand apostolic hubs and how they engage community and culture.

Apostolic Architecture is not about buildings. It is about building. It is raising up apostolic leaders who understand the times in which we live and know what must be done effectively to influence the surrounding culture. Committed to extending the reach of the Gospel globally, apostolic house, centers, and hubs will equip and align an empowered body of apostolic Christians to use their gifts and talents to permeate their unique spheres of influence.

Table of Contents:
Apostolic Architecture
Chapter 1: In Search of Real Apostles
Chapter 2: Apostolic Diversity
Chapter 3: Apostolic Integrity
Chapter 4: Apostolic Team Selection
Chapter 5: The Role of a Principal Apostle
Chapter 6: Apostolic Atmosphere
Chapter 7: Apostolic Validity
Chapter 8: Apostolic Reach
Chapter 9: Apostolic Expansion
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