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90 Days of Breakthrough
90 Days of Breakthrough by Kynan Bridges

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Author: Kynan Bridges
Subtitle: Powerful Declarations for a Miraculous Life
Format: Hardcover
Length: 202 Pages
Published: 2018

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As a believer, heaven is open to you! But is that your everyday reality? From the author of 90 Days of Power Prayer comes this new volume of devotionals that will inspire and challenge you to receive the supernatural breakthroughs you need.

In this practical, power-packed, easy-to-ready collection, you will be empowered by the Word of God and the revelatory teaching of Dr. Kynan Bridges to release the miraculous in your life.

Step-by-step, you’ll gain confidence, clarity, and authority, to claim the promises of God for your family, your future, your finances, and your faith. Each day includes a Scripture, a brief teaching, and a prayer/declaration. Together, they deliver a power punch of supernatural authority.

Open your arms to receive all that God has promised you from His open heaven! Your breakthrough has never been this close.

Table of Contents:
Day 1: Cast Your Net on the Right Side
Day 2: Willing and Obedient
Day 3: Breakthroughs Come Suddenly
Day 4: The Beautiful Gate
Day 5: The Power of Decrees
Day 6: Take It by Force
Day 7: Operation Jericho
Day 8: Double Portion
Day 9: Spirit of Prevention
Day 10: Take Authority over the Spirit of Fear
Day 11: Stop Making Excuses
Day 12: No More Delay!
Day 13: The Biology of Belief
Day 14: Obey the Word
Day 15: Who Do You Say That I Am?
Day 16: Destiny Arrested
Day 17: What’s in Your Hand?
Day 18: Elisha’s Prayer
Day 19: The Accelerator
Day 20: Understanding Your Purpose
Day 21: Faith Is
Day 22: Make Room for Your Miracle
Day 23: What Do You See?
Day 24: No Limits, No Boundaries
Day 25: The Unseen Realm
Day 26: The Breaker Anointing
Day 27: When Chronos Meets Kairos
Day 28: Will You Be Made Whole?
Day 29: Wake Up!
Day 30: Much More than Crumbs
Day 31: The Power of Expectancy
Day 32: The Great Exchange
Day 33: Resurrection Power
Day 34: Radical Obedience
Day 35: Radical Breakthrough
Day 36: How Many Vessels Did You Borrow?
Day 37: The Living Word
Day 38: His Power is Present
Day 39: Intimacy and Authority
Day 40: Born from Above
Day 41: Teach Me How to Prosper
Day 42: Success in the Word
Day 43: The Hearing of Faith
Day 44: The Blessing of Abraham
Day 45: Dunamis Power
Day 46: The Law of the Spirit of Life
Day 47: Divine Strategies for Breakthrough
Day 48: The Love Factor
Day 49: The Had and Not the Tail
Day 50: Your Will Be Done
Day 51: As for Me and My Whole House
Day 52: Blessed to Be a Blessing
Day 53: Supernatural Favor
Day 54: Arise and Shine
Day 55: Behold, I Do a New Thing
Day 56: Free Indeed
Day 57: The Way Maker
Day 58: Divine Recovery
Day 59: Financial Justice
Day 60: The Spirit of Restoration
Day 61: The Children’s Bread
Day 62: Extravagant Grace
Day 63: Miracle in Your Mouth
Day 64: The Law of the Seed
Day 65: No More Distractions
Day 66: Birthing the Miraculous
Day 67: First-Class Citizen
Day 68: Money Miracles
Day 69: Seated in Heavenly Places
Day 70: The Sound of Breakthrough
Day 71: The Manifold Grace of God
Day 72: Kingdom Culture
Day 73: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Day 74: Freedom from Discouragement
Day 75: Recognize and Release
Day 76: Release the Increase
Day 77: Praise Your Way Through
Day 78: The Power of Thanksgiving
Day 79: The Law of Cheerfulness
Day 80: Simply Believe
Day 81: Overcoming Despair
Day 82: The Miraculous Turnaround
Day 83: The Spirit of Revival
Day 84: Mind Control
Day 85: Total Restoration
Day 86: The Miracle Mandate
Day 87: Speak the Word
Day 88: Your Season of Promotion
Day 89: The Power of Covenant
Day 90: Times of Refreshing
About the Author

About the Author:
Through his profound insights into the Word of God and his dynamic teaching ministry, Kynan Bridges has revolutionized the lives of many in the body of Christ. He is the senior pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Gloria, and their four children.