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Woman You Are Called and Anointed
Woman You Are Called and Anointed by Glenda Malmin

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Author: Glenda Malmin
Format: Paperback
Length: 236 Pages

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Understand how influence, prayer, overcoming, home, hospitality, grace, compassion, teamwork, friendship, faith, children, marriage and wisdom relate to how God has personally called and anointed you. In Woman you are Called & Anointed, Glenda Malmin leads you to a deeper understanding of your individual call to serve the Lord. You will feel the uniqueness and understand Gods specific call and anointing that He has placed on you to enable you to succeed.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Frank and Sharon Damazio


Section 1: Your Call
Chapter 1: The Call Who God Has Called You to Be

Chapter 2: Influence An Example of the Believer

Chapter 3: Prayer A Woman of Personal Prayer

Chapter 4: Faith A Woman Who Triumphs over Disappointment

Chapter 5: Overcoming A Woman Who Gets Back Up

Section 2: Your Service
Chapter 6: Home A Keeper of the Home

Chapter 7: Hospitality A Woman of Servanthood

Chapter 8: Grace A Woman of Distinction

Chapter 9: Compassion A Servant in Crisis Times

Section 3: Your Relationships
Chapter 10: Teamwork A Member of the Team

Chapter 11: Friendship A Woman of Many Friends

Chapter 12: Marriage A Woman of Covenant Commitment

Chapter 13: Children A Mother Who Imparts Her Anointing

Section 4: Your Generation
Chapter 14: Wisdom A Woman Who Fulfills Her Call


One of the topics most on the heart of God in the church today is the ministry of women. In Woman you are Called & Anointed, Glenda Malmin has written a tender, insightful, mentoring book, which is much needed by Christian women today.

Cindy Jacobs, Co-founder, Generals International


Glenda, an excellent communicator, pours out in her book, what she has practiced, preached and taught as a woman in ministry for over 25 years. Woman you are Called & Anointed is more than what she speaks; it is what she lives.

Kevin Conner, Author

About the Author

Glenda Malmin is the Dean of Women and an instructor at Portland Bible College. She is a well sought after speaker at womens retreats and conferences around the world. She is also on the Womens Leadership Team at City Bible Church, and is a mother and grandmother. She and Ken, her husband of over 30 years, teach marriage seminars through the nation and together, have faithfully served as leaders and teachers at City Bible Church and Minsters Fellowship International in Portland, Oregon.