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Draw of Heaven
Draw of Heaven by Sharon Daugherty

Price: $17.99
Author: Sharon Daugherty
Subtitle: Supernatural Insights to Life's Hardest Questions
Format: Paperback
Length: 297 Pages
Published: 2017

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Heaven is closer than you think. It is not just a place we go once we die and leave this earth. It touches and influences us every day of our lives. Heaven’s beckon calls us to the supernatural while we live in the natural. In The Draw of Heaven, Pastor Sharon Daugherty explains with detail how the Kingdom of Heaven impacts our daily lives as it draws us into the supernatural.

She shares her personal experiences with Heaven’s supernatural influence after witnessing its powerful impact on her 57-year-old husband as he passed from earth to glorious Heaven. Is it possible that when a person gets close to death there is a draw of Heaven upon their lives? Pastor Sharon believes this to be true.

This powerful testimony will encourage readers to know that the presence of Heaven draws us to the supernatural and urges us to experience and understand more deeply the walk we have here in the natural. You cannot fully comprehend and appreciate your purpose, destiny, and life here on earth without seeing them through the lens of Heaven. In The Draw of Heaven, Sharon provides practical solutions to earth’s hardest questions, including finding peace after a tragedy and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

  • Why, God, why?
  • What about our prayers and healing?
  • Did we really do all we could to keep our loved ones with us?
  • What are our loved ones doing now?
  • What do I do with my grief?
  • How do I get to the other side of my pain?
  • Do bad things still happen to people of faith?

If you have struggled with any of these issues or want to experience the supernatural in a more powerful way, it’s time for you to experience The Draw of Heaven.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Facing the Death of a Loved One
Chapter 1: Shocked But Not Shaken
Chapter 2: What Happened?
Chapter 3: Why? (Common Questions at the Unexpected Passing of a Loved One)
Chapter 4: Live for Jesus
Chapter 5: Trust – The Secret Place
Chapter 6: Grief
Chapter 7: Processing It All As a Family

Part 2: Keys to Overcoming
Chapter 8: God Is with You – Letting His Word Speak to You
Chapter 9: Prayer
Chapter 10: Worship
Chapter 11: Heaven Speaks to Us in Dreams and Visions
Chapter 12: God’s Promises for Widows

Part 3: Heaven – Our Final Home
Chapter 13: Heaven
Chapter 14: The First Heaven
Chapter 15: The Second Heaven
Chapter 16: The Third Heaven
Chapter 17: Great Expectation for What Is Ahead
Chapter 18: The Draw of Heaven
Chapter 19: Heaven Is On Its Feet (Seeing the Harvest)
Chapter 20: Finishing Strong
Are You Ready for Heaven?