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What a Jew Does with Jesus
What a Jew Does with Jesus by Arthur Katz

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Author: Arthur Katz
Format: Paperback
Length: 133 Pages
Published: 2008

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Anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of Jewish history knows that the name Jesus Christ has been a source of sorrow and pain for Jewish life.

How then can a Jew have any kind of affinity for this ancient Galilean from the town of Nazareth, in whose name we have suffered so much?

Despite the apparent contradiction, the author pleads with his Jewish kinsmen to take into their deepest consideration the truth that biblical Judaism is determined solely by what we do with this Jesus.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Two Judaisms
Chapter 2: The Clash of the Two Judaisms
Chapter 3: The Judaism of Jesus
Chapter 4: Jesus, Son of David
Chapter 5: Jesus, the Anointed One
Chapter 6: The Mystery of the Godhead
Chapter 7: The Only Begotten of the Father
Chapter 8: Christ Our Passover
Chapter 9: Repentance: The Key to the Kingdom
Chapter 10: God Himself will Provide a Lamb
Chapter 11: The Suffering Servant
Chapter 12: The Resurrected King
Chapter 13: The Disciple’s Commission

About the Author:
Art Katz was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1929 of Jewish parents. He went on to attend Santa Monica City College, UCLA, and the University of California at Berkeley, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in history, as well as a Master’s degree in theology at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. With several of his books translated into major foreign languages, Art traveled frequently and widely as a conference speaker until his death in 2007.