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Unquestionably Free
Unquestionably Free by David Komolafe

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Author: David Komolafe
Subtitle: Empowering Prayers for Champions
Format: Hardcover
Length: 176 Pages
Published: 2009

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Victory in our spiritual battles is in our grasp as soon as we call upon the mightiest weapon in our arsenal – the blood of Christ. Pastor David Komolafe has been through the trenches of spiritual warfare to report, “However destructive the battles of your life may be, surrender them to Jesus, the Lord of battles, and He will give you victory.”

Through years of ministry and missionary work, Pastor Komolafe now shares his insight into Kingdom-Strategic warfare through a series of strategically targeted prayers that empower the body of Christ to take the battle to the enemy’s doorstep. You will read about how your progress and success in life are torments to those who hate you, so war is declared on you to cut you off. And when the battle is won, we are set free indeed to fulfill God’s calling and purpose for our lives.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Free Indeed
Chapter 1: Restoring Divine Identity
Chapter 2: What’s Your Worth?
Chapter 3: Change of Garment
Chapter 4: Winning a Long War
Chapter 5: Curing Loneliness
Chapter 6: Right Questioning as a Weapon of Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 7: Place No Limit on God
Chapter 8: Resist to Overcome
Chapter 9: Power Over Periodic Problems
Chapter 10: Sheep Among Wolves
Chapter 11: Devour No More
Chapter 12: No More Shipwreck of Faith
Chapter 13: Blessings Are Stronger Than Curses
Chapter 14: Proven Warfare Strategies

Part 2: Strategic Prayers for Champions
Chapter 15: Victory Cry
Chapter 16: Restoring Foundational Inheritance
Chapter 17: Triumphing Over Disappointment
Chapter 18: Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 19: No More Stagnancy
Chapter 20: Prevailing Over Evil Summoning
Chapter 21: Overpowering the Invaders of Destiny
Chapter 22: Raising Counter-Decree
Chapter 23: Curing the Incurables
Chapter 24: Stopping the Unstoppable
Chapter 25: Destroy Me Not!
Chapter 26: Ruling Over the Champion
Chapter 27: Victory Over Leviathan
Chapter 28: Demanding an Answer of Peace
Chapter 29: This Is My Portion
Chapter 30: Biblically Based Prayers
About the Author

About the Author:
Pastor David Komolafe learned Kingdom-Strategic warfare through his daily and habitual walk with Christ Jesus. He has been laboring in God’s kingdom for more than three decades. He and his wife, Mercy, are founding pastors of a full gospel ministry, Above All Christian Gathering, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. He is a biochemist and holds a master’s degree in practical ministry from Wagner University. Pastor David and Mercy are blessed with three children, Esther, Grace, and Shalom.