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Unless We Pray
Unless We Pray by Todd Smith

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Author: Todd Smith
Subtitle: The Hour is Late. God Has a Plan and This is It!
Format: Paperback
Length: 229 Pages
Published: 2022

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Our world, increasingly ravaged by darkness, is in desperate need for much more than human solutions. We need true spiritual power and authority to break through. Now is the time for the lion of Judah to roar through His people!

Pastor Todd Smith has witnessed tens of thousands of lives supernaturally transformed by the power of God as he has stewarded the North Georgia Revival in Dawsonville, Georgia. As people attend their revival gatherings and experience water baptism, documented miracle healings take place, irreconcilable relationships are restored, prodigals return to God, and the impossible become possible in one divine encounter.

But revival doesn’t just happen. There is a secret behind it.

Pastor Todd shows how sustained revival, supernatural power, and divine encounter are directly connected to prayer. In short, power-packed chapters, you will receive tools, weapons, and strategies that arm you for victorious prayer!

You will:
  • Activate your prayer voice that deploys the reign of God and shatters darkness.
  • Identify the five lanes of prayer and learn how to pray the right prayers at the right times.
  • Expose satan’s strategy to keep you prayerless – and learn to overcome his temptations every time.
  • Discover what happens when we don’t pray and recognize the vital role you plan in the unfolding of Heaven’s agenda on Earth.
  • Read the prayer secrets from heroes of the faith who saw supernatural breakthroughs and victories in prayer.

Don’t let the forces of darkness continue to reign. Now is the time to enter into earth-shaking, darkness-shattering, Kingdom of God-advancing prayer!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Lions are Coming Forth
Section 1: Unless We Die
Chapter 1: Die Well
Chapter 2: Two Prayers That Changed the World
Chapter 3: The Strong Man Has Been Bound!
Chapter 4: God Is Limited
Chapter 5: Your Voice Matters
Chapter 6: Uncommon Power!

Section 2: Unless We Awaken
Chapter 7: The Mountain Is Sleeping
Chapter 8: The Enemy Is Us
Chapter 9: What Happens When We Don’t Pray?
Chapter 10: The Earth Shook
Chapter 11: Prayer Is a Bloody Battleground

Section 3: Unless We Travail
Chapter 12: It Can Be a Matter of Life or Death
Chapter 13: Finney and Father Nash
Chapter 14: Are Y’all Poor?
Chapter 15: It Started with Six

Section 4: Unless We War
Chapter 16: Urgency
Chapter 17: Mobilized for War
Chapter 18: Violent Praying
Chapter 19: Critical 11 Minutes

Section 5: Unless We Gather
Chapter 20: The Cinderella of the Church
Chapter 21: Weeping Between the Porch and the Altar
Chapter 22: Fill the Bowl
Chapter 23: Five Lanes of Prayer
Chapter 24: How to Pray for the Unsaved

About the Author:
Todd Smith and his wife, Karen, have served as the senior pastors of Christ Fellowship Church for 10 years. Along with serving in pastoring roles for over 25 years. Pastor Todd has preached the gospel, led crusades, traveled to the mission fields, and participated in pastors’ conferences in over 25 countries around the world, as well as hosting the outbreak of the North Georgia Revival that began on February 11, 2018. Pastor Todd and Karen are currently traveling over the world and spreading revival fire wherever they minister.