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Things Fathers Do
Things Fathers Do by Paul Manwaring

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Author: Paul Manwaring
Subtitle: A practical guide to fathering, revealing the Father and leaving a legacy.
Format: Paperback
Length: 179 Pages
Published: 2019

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Creator God is Father God and He has a plan to reveal Himself to the world through fathers and mothers. He does things that demonstrate His nature and as we see and experience them, we come to know Him more through what He does. In the process we also learn who we are and become more like Him as we reflect Him to our sons and daughters through what we say and do. In raising sons and daughters in this way, we leave a legacy that continues to grow beyond our own generation.

I have titled this book Things Fathers Do, but it is really things that God does and how we can best manifest Him through our lives to the people in our lives. So, don’t believe the lie that only men can father, and don’t allow gender to disqualify you from revealing the Father. Find the best you that you can and express it. Not n competition or comparison, but in order to reveal the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, made as a man or a woman in the image of God, in every role and relationship through your life.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Reveal the Father
Chapter 1: Reveal the Father
Chapter 2: An Invitation to Women
Chapter 3: Holy Jealousy
Chapter 4: Everyone Needs Adopting
Chapter 5: The Journey of Sonship
Chapter 6: Overcoming Lies: Part 1
Chapter 7: Overcoming Lies: Part 2

Section 2: Things Fathers Do
Chapter 8: Fathers Do Things
Chapter 9: Create Home
Chapter 10: Model Authenticity
Chapter 11: Love Unconditionally
Chapter 12: Provide Covering
Chapter 13: Provide Safety
Chapter 14: Give Grace for the Journey
Chapter 15: Give Identity
Chapter 16: Help Their Children Discover What They Love
Chapter 17: Believe in Their Children
Chapter 18: Celebrate Victories and Establish Memorials
Chapter 19: Raise Favorites
Chapter 20: Foster Growth
Chapter 21: Demonstrate How to Cope
Chapter 22: Demonstrate an Attitude of Thankfulness
Chapter 23: Show Their Children the World
Chapter 24: Teach Responsibility
Chapter 25: Create Opportunities
Chapter 26: Dream with Their children
Chapter 27: Children
Chapter 28: Model Duty and Royalty
Chapter 29: Give Inheritance and Leave a Legacy
Chapter 30: Restore Lost Years
Chapter 31: Create “Normal”
Chapter 32: Establish Moral Truth
Chapter 33: Create Culture
Chapter 34: Model Affection and Healthy Emotion
Chapter 35: Cultivate Wonder and Joy
Chapter 36: Show Their Children How to Love Their Spouses

Section: The Continued Journey of Fatherhood
Chapter 37: Man-to-Man
Chapter 38: Fathering Organizations
Chapter 39: The Heart of the Matter
Chapter 40: The Father’s Toolkit
Chapter 41: You Live the Final Chapter

About the Author:
Paul Manwaring is one of the senior leadership team at Bethel Church in Redding, California and after fifteen years at Bethel now resides back in the UK with his wife Sue. He speaks and travels widely to equip and encourage the global body of Christ to demonstrate the glory of the Kingdom of God. He spent 19 years in senior prison management in England, is a registered general and psychiatric nurse, and holds a management degree from Cambridge University. Paul is still surprised at what he gets to do in life . . . believing in a God who has never let him down and a life where he knows that God wastes nothing and gets him ready.