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There is More
There is More by Randy Clark

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Author: Randy Clark
Subtitle: The Secret to Experiencing God's Power to Change Your Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 253 Pages
Published: 2013

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What if more is biblical?  Even essential?  God is not a God of carefully measured handouts.  He longs to give you more – as much as you’re willing to receive.

More love.  More power.  More faith.  More joy.  More results in prayer.  With his trademark insight and encouragement, Randy Clark explains that more is not only biblical but essential for greater fruitfulness in ministry and service.  And he shares how you can access the more God wants to give you.  It all starts with grace.

Grace is more than receiving eternal life.  It is how we experience God’s presence and power in our lives, and how He empowers us to do more than we ever  imagined.  He wants to give you more.  He wants you to be a vessel of His glory.  He wants to fill you with His Spirit and His gifts.  Will you accept?

Table of Contents
Foreword by Bill Johnson
Part 1: The Reality of Impartation
Chapter 1: The Biblical Foundation for Impartation
Chapter 2: A Man Made Ready: My Testimony of Impartation
Chapter 3: How to Receive an Impartation

Part 2: Into the Harvest Field – Fruit That will Last
Chapter 4: The Fruits of Impartation
Chapter 5: Impartation to See

Part 3: Evangelism and Missions – The Power Factor
Chapter 6: Why Impartations?  Why Signs and Wonders?
Chapter 7: Radical Obedience: Impartation for the Power to Die
Chapter 8: Clothed with Power: Nobody Is Safe!

Part 4: Restoring the Lost Doctrine of Impartation
Chapter 9: The Heritage of the Saints: Impartation and Visitation
Chapter 10: Winds of Change: Preparation for Restoration
Chapter 11: Building Bridges so Others Might Receive
Conclusion: Living Out Impartation

About the Author
Randy Clark is the founder of Global Awakening, a teaching, healing and impartation ministry that crosses denominational lines. An in-demand international speaker, he is the leader of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and travels extensively for conferences, international missions, leadership training and humanitarian aid.