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Territorial Spirits
Territorial Spirits by C Peter Wagner

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Author: C. Peter Wagner, General Editor
Format: Paperback
Length: 238 Pages
Published: 2012

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For generations when Christians have engaged in spiritual warfare, most of the time they have focused on satan as the main opponent. However, C. Peter Wagner has gathered together a number of ministers who teach from personal experience that the principalities and powers are more than just satan there is an entire hierarchy of demons in this world. Often, missionaries and ministers are finding that they have far more success in an area when they first go to war in the spirit and in prayer against the evil power that rules a certain region. C. Peter Wagner has compiled this book of many voices, speaking from Scripture and personal experience, teaching the reality of territorial spirits and the necessity of waging targeted, powerful warfare against them in order to reach the souls these evil powers have held captive for too long.

You will learn:

  • There is an entire hierarchy of demons in this world, many with specific geographic territories
  • Once a territorial spirits power is broken, ministry in that area can be for more effective
  • How to go to war against evil spirits to break their power over the people of a region

Christians must take to heart what the Bible teaches about spiritual warfare. Arm yourself with this book!

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Dawson

Preface by C. Peter Wagner

Introduction by C. Peter Wagner

Part 1: The Issues: Principles and Problems

Chapter 1: Spiritual Warfare by C. Peter Wagner

Chapter 2: Defeating Territorial Spirits by Steven Lawson

Chapter 3: Territorial Spirits by C. Peter Wagner

Chapter 4: Dealing with Territorial Demons by Timothy M. Warner

Chapter 5: Dealing with the Enemy in Society by R. Arthur Mathews

Chapter 6: Understanding Principalities and Powers by Thomas B. White

Part 2: The Ministry: Pastors and Practitioners

Chapter 7: Possessing Our Cities and Towns by Jack W. Hayford

Chapter 8: Battle in the Heavenlies by Anne Gimenez

Chapter 9: Binding the Strongman by Larry Lea

Chapter 10: Jericho: Key to Conquest by Dick Bernal

Chapter 11: Prayer Power in Argentina by Edgardo Silvoso

Chapter 12: City Taking in Korea by Paul Yonggi Cho

Chapter 13: High Level Powers in Zimbabwe by Richmond Chiundiza

Chapter 14: Dont Underestimate the Opposition by Paul B. Long

Chapter 15: Seventh Time Around: Breaking Through a Citys Invisible Barriers to the Gospel by John Dawson

Part 3: The Analysis: Perceptions and Perspectives

Chapter 16: Territorial Spirits and Evangelization in Hostile Environments by Vernon J. Sterk

Chapter 17: Which God Do Missionaries Preach? By Jacob Loewen

Chapter 18: Principalities and Powers by Michael Green

Chapter 19: The Subjection of the Invisible Powers by Oscar Cullmann

About the Author

C. Peter Wagner is Vice-President and Apostolic Ambassador for Global Spheres, Inc., a vibrant organization that equips the body of Christ by providing apostolic/prophetic alignment of kingdom-minded leaders both in the church and in the workplace. Wagner has authored over 70 books. He is also the founder and lead apostle of Eagles Vision Apostolic Team consisting of 25 recognized apostles. He was the founding President of Global Harvest Ministries; and he is the founder and Chancellor Emeritus of Wagner Leadership Institute. He holds a Ph.D. is Social Ethics from the University of Southern California. Peter and his wife, Doris, have three children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, making their home in Colorado Springs.