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Intercessory Worship
Intercessory Worship by Dick Eastman

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Author: Dick Eastman
Subtitle: Worship and Prayer to Touch the Heart of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 268 Pages
Published: 2011

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A glorious spiritual awakening is on the horizon, sparked by the combustible mix of worship and prayer! Dick Eastman calls this combination “intercessory worship,” and in this one-of-a-kind guidebook, he explains how worship-saturated prayer rises like a fragrance before God’s throne to declare His glory and reign over all circumstances, relationships and governments – and he shows how you can engage in life-transforming intercessory worship. Eastman, who began one of the first modern 24/7 prayer ministries for young people during the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, reveals why intercessory worship is the greatest last-days prayer movement in history and invites you to join the worldwide Body of Christ in fanning the flames of revival through the combination of biblical worship and scriptural prayer. Your life, your family, your church, your community and the world will be transformed as the presence and power of the Holy Spirit pour forth from the heart of God.

Table of Contents

First Thoughts: The Richest of Foods

Part 1: Realities

Chapter 1: Intercessory Worship: A Vision of Africa: Holy Smoke

Chapter 2: First Reality: Worship Enthrones God: A Big Chair for God

Chapter 3: Second Reality: Worship Encounters God: A Few Kind Words for Silence

Chapter 4: Third Reality: Worship Enlarges God: Seeing God Big

Chapter 5: Fourth Reality: Worship Enjoys God: The Cliffs of Molokai

Chapter 6: Fifth Reality: Worship Enlists God: Fire from Heaven

Chapter 7: Sixth Reality: Worship Excites God: A Dance of Delight

Chapter 8: Seventh Reality: Worship Exalts God: Catching the Wave of Worship

Part 2: Reforms

Chapter 9: Worship Transformation: A Song for a Stranger

Chapter 10: Worship Reformation: A Class of One

Chapter 11: Reform One: Continuous Worship: A Flame Unending

Chapter 12: Reform Two: Skillful Worship: In Pursuit of Excellence

Chapter 13: Reform Three: Creative Worship: Wired for Worship

Chapter 14: Reform Four: Extravagant Worship: Exceeding the Limits

Chapter 15: Reform Five: Expressive Worship: To Dance or Die

Chapter 16: Reform Six: Open Worship: A Break with Priestly Protocol

Chapter 17: Reform Seven: Strategic Worship: Opening Heaven’s Gates

Part 3: Rivers

Chapter 18: Make Room for My Glory: River One: River of Intimacy – The Prophetic Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 19: A Conch-Shell Encounter: River Two: River of Sufficiency – The Positional Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 20: Agatha’s Intercessors: River Three: River of Supremacy – The Penetrating Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 21: The Dark Side of Bali: River Four: River of Discovery – The Perceptive Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 22: Grandma’s Surprise: River Five: River of Liberty – The Personal Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 23: A Fragrant Flame: River Six: River of Humility – The Purifying Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Chapter 24: Adam’s Song: River Seven: River of Destiny – The Possessive Dimension of Intercessory Worship

Appendix A: Cultivating Your Harp and Bowl

Appendix B: Intercessory Worship: A Harp and Bowl Practicum



Dick Eastman shows us how to ignite God’s passion in our lives and on behalf of the world. We always thought that worship and prayer were important. Dick Eastman tells us why, and he goes on to show us how to weave the two together to lead the Church toward the great end time harvest.

Mike Bickle, Director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Missouri

This book takes us into the heart of what it means to war and to worship. Dick Eastman explains how the specific worship pathways King David followed are the same pathways that are central to God’s plan to fulfill the Great Commission. This is an exciting time to be alive! Church, let’s cooperate with God’s plan – in the way we worship and in the way we intercede – to bring people to Himself from every tribe, tongue and nation.

Dutch Sheets, Founder, Dutch Sheets Ministries, Hamilton, Alabama

The best leaders are God’s worshiping servants. Dick Eastman has spent decades humbly leading us deeper into worship and prayer. In a whirlwind worldwide tour, Dick invites us to join with others who are experiencing God and to put some “fight” into our intercession.

Francis Frangipane, Founder, River of Life Ministries, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

About the Author

Dick Eastman has circled the globe more than seventy times leading the ministry of Every Home for Christ (EHC). With its 4,000 strong global staff plus 30,000 monthly volunteers, EHC takes the gospel to the homes of almost 1 million people daily. Dick and his wife, Dee, launched a 24/7 prayer center for youth in California during the Jesus Movement of the 1970s that many believe was a forerunner to the rapidly spreading 24/7 prayer movements of the world today. His numerous books on prayer and Christian growth have sold more than 3 million copies globally. The Eastmans make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have two grown daughters and seven grandchildren.