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Strongmans His Name II
Strongmans His Name II by Jerry and Carol Robeson

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Author: Jerry and Carol Robeson
Subtitle: Biblical Answers to Spiritual Warfare Questions
Format: Paperback
Length: 244 Pages
Published: 1994

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Have you ever wondered:

  • Ive prayed, so why are things worse?
  • Can Satan read my mind?
  • How can I tell the difference between Gods voice and the Devils?
  • Is there really a spirit of Jezebel?
  • Why does it seem like my prayers are not accomplishing anything?
  • Can Christians be demon possessed?
  • If the Enemy has been defeated, why do I still have so much trouble with him?
  • Within the pages of this book are simple, no-nonsense, biblical answers that will help you to understand what it is to be one of Gods warriors in these last days.

    Table of Contents



    Chapter 1: It Seems Like My Prayers are Not Accomplishing Anything

    Chapter 2: Why do I Have so Much Trouble With the Devil?

    Chapter 3: Ive Closed the Doors, but Things Seem to be Worse

    Chapter 4: Will God Really Help Me if I Stand Against the Devil?

    Chapter 5: The Difference Between Gods Voice or the Devils?

    Chapter 6: Can I Really Trust God the Father?

    Chapter 7: Why Are There Such Extremes in Spiritual Warfare Today?

    Chapter 8: Can Christians be Demon Possessed?

    Chapter 9: Are Some People Looking for Attention or Deliverance?

    Chapter 10: Are Natural Disasters the Judgment of God?

    Chapter 11: Am I Really Winning at Spiritual Warfare?

    Chapter 12: Does Binding & Loosing Refer to Spiritual Warfare?Chapter 13: Does Pleading the Blood of Jesus Protect Us?

    Chapter 14: Why was the Vietnam War so Different?

    Chapter 15: Spirit of Divination

    Chapter 16: Familiar Spirit

    Chapter 17: Spirit of Jealousy

    Chapter 18: Lying Spirit

    Chapter 19: Perverse Spirit

    Chapter 20: Spirit of Haughtiness (Pride)

    Chapter 21: Spirit of Heaviness

    Chapter 22: Spirit of Whoredoms

    Chapter 23: Spirit of Infirmity

    Chapter 24: Dumb and Deaf Spirit

    Chapter 25: Spirit of Bondage

    Chapter 26: Spirit of Fear

    Chapter 27: Seducing Spirits

    Chapter 28: Spirit of Antichrist

    Chapter 29: Spirit of Error

    Chapter 30: Spirit of Death

    About the Author

    Jerry and Carol Robeson were missionaries to Latin America for twenty years. They ministered in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Jamaica, Mexico, and Chile. They specialized in open-air crusades that were held every night in an area of the city where a new church was needed. One crusade church in Costa Rica, for example, has more than ten thousand people in attendance.

    Jerry died September 18, 1999, leaving his wife, Carol with two married daughters and four grandchildren. Until 1999, the Robesons were both very active in teaching seminars in the United States and Latin America. Carol continues on with this ministry of seminars and retreats. Carol is the owner of Shiloh Publishing House, located in Keizer, Oregon.