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Spiritual Warfare Self Study Bible Course
Spiritual Warfare Self Study Bible Course by Mary K Baxter

Price: $22.99
Author: Mary K. Baxter
Format: 8.5" x 11" Paperback
Length: 215 Pages
Published: 2012

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Whether you are a new believer or have known the Lord for many years, you will inevitably experience attacks from Satan, or the devil.  Yet you can protect yourself, take the offensive, and fulfill God’s purposes for your life.
The biblical truths and principles in the Spiritual Warfare Self-Study Bible Course show you step-by-step the nature of the spiritual realm and how to effectively defeat the enemy. Be encouraged!  God has provided everything you need to live in victory.
You will learn how to . . .
  • Stand firm against Satan
  • Wield spiritual weapons of warfare
  • Pull down demonic strongholds
  • Thwart Satan’s schemes and strategies
  • Live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit
  • Be triumphant in your spiritual battles
In Jesus Christ, you have authority and power to overcome the enemy’s attacks against you and your loved ones.  Are you prepared for spiritual warfare?  You can be equipped and ready through the Spiritual Warfare Self-Study Bible Course.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Using This Bible Course
Part 1: The Realm of the Spirit
Study 1: God is Spirit
Study 2: Satan Declares War
Study 3: Renewed by the Spirit
Study 4: What Spiritual Warfare is all About
Part 2: A Global War/A Personal War
Study 5: Enlisted in God’s Army
Study 6: The Stakes are High
Study 7: Satan’s Strategies and Attacks, Part 1
Study 8: Satan’s Strategies and Attacks, Part 2
Part 3: Enabling Our Warfare
Study 9: The Holy Spirit: Comforter, Helper, and Guide
Study 10: The Holy Spirit’s Gifts
Study 11: Angels: God’s Servants on Our Behalf
Part 4: The Weapons of Our Warfare
Study 12: The Whole Armor of God, Part 1
Study 13: The Whole Armor of God, Part 2
Study 14: Prayer, Fasting, and Praise
Study 15: The Name of Jesus
Study 16: The Blood of the Lamb
Study 17: the Word of Our Testimony
Part 5: Final Victory
Study 18: A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ
Study 19: The End of the Age and the Last Battle
Study 20: When the War is Over
Answer Key
About the Author

About the Author
Mary K. Baxter has been in full-time ministry for over thirty years, ever since she was taken by God into the dimensions and torments of hell, as well as the streets of heaven, for over forty nights in 1976.  God commissioned Mary to record her experiences and tell others of the horrific depths, degrees, and torments of hell, as well as the wonderful destiny of heaven for the redeemed of Jesus Christ.  Mary was ordained as a minister in 1983 and received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Faith Bible College, an affiliate of Oral Roberts University.  She continues to travel the world and minister in power.